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Licensing service troubleshooting

How do I verify that my Google Play Licensing implementation is correct?

  • Before uploading the application to Google Play

    If no application with that package name and version code is on Google Play, sign into an Android device with the same account that you use to sign into your Google Play Developer Console. Use this account as the primary account on your Android device. Then, set the test response and verify that your application behaves appropriately for those responses.

  • After uploading the application to Google Play

    If you've uploaded the application with license-checking to Google Play (regardless of the current publish state of the application), sign into an Android device with the same account that you use to sign into your Google Play Developer Console, or a license test account as the primary account. Then, set the test response, and verify that your application behaves appropriately for those responses.

To ensure that you have the correct license key:

  1. First, log into your Google Play Developer Console.
  2. Next, click on All Applications and find the application that you'd like to review.
  3. After that, go to the section Services and APIs
    Services and APIs
  4. You will find your license key under the section labeled Your License Key For this Application.

Note that the ServerManagedPolicy caches test LICENSED responses for only one minute. Normal (non-test) LICENSED responses will be cached longer.

I’m having problems implementing my license check. Where can I go for more help?

  • Development and testing issues
    This includes License Verification Library (LVL) download and integration, library projects, policy questions, user experience ideas, handling of responses, obfuscator, IPC, and test environment setup. Go to one of these available resources:
  • Reporting issues with the licensing library
    For License Verification Library (LVL) bug and issue reports, visit the Issue Tracker
  • Reporting issues with Google Play Licensing service
    This includes publisher accounts, licensing key pair, test accounts, server responses, test responses, application deployment and results. Please email Google Play support.

Troubleshooting Licensing Server Issues

Intermittent Licensing Server Failures

Please make sure you are using the latest copy of the Licensing Server. If you have not recently updated your code, please upgrade to the latest version of Licensing Server here.

The benefit of using the latest version of the Licensing Server is that customers can retry an application download if the first attempt has failed due to bad internet connection. Previous versions of the Licensing Server do not allow customers to retry downloads after the first failure.

Additionally, to further limit Licensing Server failures due to bad connection issues, avoid selecting Strict setting when configuring your server. When you select Strict setting, server will ask for authentication on every attempt to open the application. If a customer’s internet connection is unstable, this may result in a license check failure.

The most recent version of the licensing Server also has better logging.

Licensing Server Is Failing for a Specific Customer

If a customer is experiencing licensing issues while accessing your app, they might be using a different account than the one used at the time of the app purchase. Since the application is associated with a different Google Account, the license is failing as result. Please make sure that the user is logged into the appropriate Google Play account before opening your app.

Licensing Server Is Failing for a Customer Who Switched from to Account

We're aware that some users are receiving a license check failure after making the switch from @googlemail to @gmail, and we're currently investigating a more permanent solution. In the meantime, some users have found resolved their problem by clearing their Google Play store data (Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > All > Play Store > Clear data).

I have Questions about Technical Implementation of Licensing Server

If you have questions regarding the technical implementation of Copy Protection or Licensing Server, please visit the Android Developer portal site.

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