Viewing & purchasing your own apps

Viewing your applications in Google Play

Paid applications are only available in these buyer-supported countries. If you are not in a buyer-supported country, you will be unable to view priced applications. Note, too, that you can only view the version of Google Play for your country. For example, UK developers may only view the UK version of Google Play from their devices (subject to device compatibility and other filters).

Purchasing your own applications

Please note that it is against Google’s policies to purchase your own application. You will receive an error message when you try to purchase your own application. We do, however, provide a method for developers to test their licensing-enabled applications. For more information, see our article on setting up a testing environment.

Test in-app billing with application licensing

With application licensing, you can set up a list of Gmail accounts to test your in-app billing & subscription integration. Your own publishing account is always considered a licensed tester. 

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