Using the Device Availability dialog

The Device Availability dialog is a powerful tool available to all Android developers. It can be accessed from within the Google Play Developer Console. Device Availability provides a dynamic list of compatible devices based upon your manifest settings. For example, if your APK's manifest file specifies a large screen size, the console will reflect the supported devices that can find your app in Google Play. You can also use the dynamic search feature to see the devices that your application will not be available to. You can search by manufacturer, design name (ie. Passion), or the actual public device name (ie. Nexus One) to see if your manifest settings filtered a device.

To find supported devices in the Google Play Developer Console:

  1. Sign into your Google Play Developer Console.
  2. Click on All Applications and click on the application whose device availability you'd like to view.
  3. After that, click on APK.
  4. After that, under Current APK, click on the link labeled See Supported Devices.

Filter problematic or non-compatible devices

This feature provides a device-specific administration option to developers. When you add a device to the “Manually Excluded Devices” list, your app will not be available to that excluded device in Google Play. This is primarily intended to help developers provide the best user experience possible, by helping developers filter out devices known to have compatibility problems.

Some notes on this feature:

  • The default device view is sorted by manufacturer. Click the Show All... link to see a full list of available manufacturer devices.
  • If you've drilled down on various devices and want to go back to the full list, simply click the Show All button to reset the list.
  • The Device Availability supported device list is not affected by the parameters designated in Pricing and Distribution. For example, restricting available countries through the Google Play Developer Console will not have an effect on the list of available devices.
  • The Device Availability supported device list is periodically refreshed with new public devices. If you notice a bug or a device has been missing for over two weeks, please report it to the Google Play Developer support team.
  • Remember: the Manage Excluded Devices list is based upon the latest uploaded APK draft file. If you've uploaded a new draft APK, the list will change accordingly. Please remember to revisit this list frequently to ensure the widest availability of your application.