Selling apps in multiple currencies

Android developers in locations that support merchant registration can offer apps for sale in multiple currencies through Google Payments Merchant Center. To sell your apps in additional currencies, you will need to set the price of the app in each country/currency.

If you make an app available in locations that supports a local currency, Google Play customers will only see the app for sale in that currency. Customers will be charged in their local currency, but payment will be issued in the currency set in your Google Payments Merchant Center account.

Pricing Apps

When an app is uploaded to Google Play, you will be asked to set a default price for the app in your home currency. This price will be used for all countries/regions which you do not manually override. Additionally, you can set a price for each app separately in individual currency per country. The prices you set in one currency are completely independent of prices in other currencies.

For each country that you wish sell your app in, check the box next to that country and enter a price. You cannot target a particular country without entering a price. If you select auto-convert prices now, Google Play will populate the other currency fields with a converted price based on your home currency price. You may also want to select overwrite existing prices. The auto-converted prices are provided for your convenience only -- you may choose to use them or set your own price. Auto-converted pricing uses the daily exchange rate on the day that you set the price; it does not float.

In-app items

With in-app items, you can specify a default price in your home currency. You can also auto-convert and overwrite in-app product prices in the same way you manage app prices.

Tip: If you’re uploading in-app products using a .csv file, you should specify a default and local price for your home currency. If you don’t add a local price for your home currency, it will be automatically filled using the default price.


All funds collected will be converted to the currency of your Google Payments Merchant Center account and payment will be issued to your bank account in that currency. Payments will be in one currency only. You cannot select the payment currency or receive payment in a currency that does not match the currency of your Google account or your domestic bank account.

If the charged order is not in the same currency as your Google Payments Merchant Center account, Google will convert the value of the order to your currency. Orders will be listed on the orders page of your account in the currency that the buyer paid. Payment for orders made in local currencies will follow your normal payment schedule.

Exchange rates and refunds

Google Payments Merchant Center will use the current exchange rate at the time the order is placed to convert sales processed in the buyer’s currency to the currency of your Google account. This rate is updated regularly throughout the day. Conversion will occur each time an order is charged. The exchange rate will be displayed in your order receipt for each app.

For orders placed in the buyer’s local currency, any refund issued will be issued in the same currency as the order. Any changes in exchange rates will not affect the amount refunded. Google Payments Merchant Center will convert any refunded orders at the same exchange rate used when the order was charged. The full amount of the refund will be sent to your customers credit or debit card in their local currency. For more information, read our article about refunds and cancellations of Android orders. Any debits applied to your Google Payments Merchant Center account for chargebacks will also be applied using the exchange rate from the time when the order was placed.

Local currency support

Local prices are not available in all countries and currencies at this time. See the Supported locations for distributing to Google Play users for a list locations that support payment in local currencies.

When Google adds support for a new buyer currency in a country where you already distribute your app, we'll automatically generate a price for your app based on your app's default price and the current exchange rate. You can review your app's prices on your app's Pricing & Distribution page.

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