Prices, refunds, & orders for in-app items

Price ranges

All apps offering in-app purchases have an in-app product price range displayed on their detail page on Google Play. Price ranges include in-app products and subscriptions.

Note: Displayed price ranges only include in-app products available to the production version of an app.

Supported currencies

At this time, you can sell in-app items in your home currency, which is generally the currency for the country registered on your Developer account.

Note: In-app items can't have a set price of "0" (free).


The refund policy for in-app items is determined by the merchant. Refunds can't be processed using Google Play's in-app billing feature.

For refund requests, users may contact you using your contact information on Google Play or through the Google Payments Merchant Center. You can provide refunds for individual orders on your Google Payments Merchant Center.

For step-by-step instructions on how to refund an order, go to the Google Payments Merchant Help Center.

Review orders

In-app and paid app orders are available on your Google Payments Merchant Center's Orders page. For more information about an order, click an individual order.

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