In-App Billing Pricing

Supported Currencies

At this time, you will be able to sell in-app items in your home currency, which is generally the currency of the country registered on your Google Play account. Learn more about prices and supported currencies.

In-app prices

You cannot set a price of “0” (free).


The refund policy for in-app items is set by the merchant. There is no ability to process refund through the in-app billing feature. Instead, users may contact you directly or via Google Wallet Merchant Center. You may grant refunds via the Google Wallet Merchant Center at

For more information on how to refund customer orders, please read our help center article detailing steps for issuing a refund in the Google Wallet Merchant Center.

Order Reports

In-app item orders will appear in the order history in your Google Wallet Merchant Center account, accessible at At the moment, all in-app orders and application orders will appear in the same report.

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