How to support your app's users

To create the best experience for your users, we recommend that you provide comprehensive support resources for each of your apps.

Required support

Users are instructed to contact you for defects, performance issues, or missing content installed from Google Play. The Google Play support team doesn't provide user support for individual apps.

For each of your apps, you must:

  • Provide a valid and accurate email address: To publish on Google Play, you must provide an email address where users can reach you.
  • Respond to user questions about paid apps or in-app purchases on time: You must respond to customer support questions within three business days. If Google contacts you about an urgent product issue, you must respond within 24 hours.
  • Offer refunds: Google may issue refunds on your behalf for unauthorized charges, in accordance with Google Play’s refund policies, or as a courtesy in certain situations. Buyers may also contact you directly with refund questions, and you may be independently responsible under the law for issuing refunds to users in certain circumstances. You must issue refunds in accordance with your policy.
    • To learn how to issue refunds from the Payments Merchant Center, go to Manage your app’s orders and issue refunds.
    • For more information on refund requirements, go to the Developer Distribution Agreement.
    • You (as the content or access provider) may implement a more flexible refund policy with your users directly. It is your responsibility to notify your users of any changes to your refund policies and ensure that the policies comply with applicable law.
  • Follow Google Play Program Policies

Provide your contact information

When you provide an email address, website, or phone number for your app, your contact information is available to users on your app's store listing.

A contact email address is required, but to provide your users with the best support experience, we also highly recommend including a website where users can contact you.

To add your support information:

  1. Open Play Console and go to the Store settings page (Grow > Store presence > Store settings).
  2. Scroll down to "Store listing contact details."
  3. Add your support email address (required), phone number, and website.

Additional recommendations

To offer the best user experience, we also recommend that you provide:

  • Your name or the name of your organization
  • Additional contact options: In addition to an email address, you can also provide links to a website where users can contact you or a forum that you regularly monitor and use to respond to questions.
  • An FAQ or help content hosted on a website or blog: Help content could include a summary of the app, instructions on basic functionality, and answers to common user questions.
  • Automated replies: If you set up a contact form or support email address, it can be a good idea to include an automated reply that includes common answers to user questions and sets expectations for the level of support that your team provides.
  • Courteous communication: When users understand how your app works and how to contact you with questions, they'll be more likely to use your app and provide feedback to help you improve your product. Don't respond in abusive, hateful, dismissive, threatening, or harassing ways.

Questions about using Google Play

If users have questions about using Google Play, you can direct them to the Google Play Help Center.

Here are some related content to common issues available on the Google Play Help Center:

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