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Do not disturb didn't end when bedtime mode end. As title said DND sync is on. I have bedtime mode set from 130 AM to 800 AM and when I stop the alar… Double Press Crown I am trying to change what the watch opens to when I double click the crown. As of right now, it ope… Google Pixel Watch 2 APN Hallo! Kann man auf auf der Google Pixel Watch 2 denAPN Zugangspunkt ändern? PW2 Update Stück - Optimizing your device. This may take a while. I bought the watch and it came with the October Version. I updated it to the April one and now it's … Alte Benachrichtigungen kommen immer wieder Hallo Zusammen, Aktuell habe ich seit neusten das Problem das alte WhatsApp Benachrichtigungen immer…
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Pixel8 no longer rings when wearing Watch2 I want my phone to ring when I get a call, not my Watch2. In the watch app, I have Mute watch notifi… Mute Notifications on Phone doesn't work When the Pixel watch is connected to the Pixel7 phone notification are on the watch But after a few … Pixel watch 2 clock alarms not syncing with phone I just got the pixel watch 2 five days ago, and am currently using a pixel 7 phone to connect to it.… Workout Tile on Google Pixel Watch Disappeared Yesterday I noticed the Workout tile on my watch face not showing. I confirmed that it does show in … Pixel Watch: Set "Do not disturb" at a specific time or location Hello everyone, 1. how can I set the "Do not disturb" mode to turn on and off at a specific time? Fo… Issue with First Connection to Fitbit via Google Account Hello, I recently bought a Google Pixel Watch 2. I followed the steps to set up the Smart Watch, but… Restore Pixel Watch from Google Drive backup. Got a replacement watch and hd already formatted the old one, but it had been backed up to Drive. Wh… Pixel watch is a "smart" device, but a bad "watch" There are many issues with the pixel watch and from what I have read so far, there is no solution fo…
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Töne für Benachrichtigung und Klingeltöne ändern Hallo, hab heute die Pixel Watch 2 erhalten. Ist es wahr, dass man die Töne für Benachrichtigungen o…
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