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Updated: This year
Pixel Watch LTE Gen1 looses GPS Position during Running Session since Wear OS 4 Update Hi folks, since exactly October 2023 I am suffering from regular GPS drops during my running session…
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GPS Causes Exercise to Stop Working on My Google Pixel Watch 2 This is a common issue many people are having from what I can see online. When going into my FitBit … My family member's Pixel Watch constantly tries to pair with my phone My family member's Pixel Watch 1 is paired to their Pixel 5 device. Despite this the Pixel Watch 1 c…
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Pixel watch 2 can't connect to fitbit app Tried all the fixes on here, pixel watch 2 won't connect to pixel 8 fitbit app - so frustrating, bee… Pixel watch not connecting to the Fitbit App Despite turning off WiFi, resetting the watch, updating both the app and watch, the Fitbit app will … LINE着信時相手の名前が出ない LINE着信時相手の名前が出ないし、受けれない。前は名前も出て受けれた 連絡帳に名前も登録あり。ウォッチで、LINE開くと名前もある。アプリの権限もオッケーしてる
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Pixel Watch 2 LTE messages app not working on LTE mode The watch continually gives error, your phone is offline, even when lte mode. A delvoper suggested I…
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WhatsApp bug on Pixel Watch My Pixel Watch (1) keeps saying that it can't send WhatsApp messages unless it is connected to my ph… Answering calls on watch When answering a call on my watch, I have to push the watch button on my phone  Pixel Watch 2 Emergency SOS Number Incorrect Hello, I am in the United States. I have a Pixel Watch 2 paired to a Samsung Galaxy S24. My emergenc…
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Pixel watch 2 with LTE esim disconnecting Hi all. I have a pixel watch 2 with LTE through T-Mobile. The e-sim disconnects after only a few mom…
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What about Latin America? When available? When will Pixel Watch be available in Mexico and the rest of Latin America, or does it already work … Pixel buds keep disconnecting from Pixel Watch when running Just to start, I don't think this is the same problem that was supposedly fixed in the March update,…
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AndroidとWatchアプリ Pixel WatchとAndroidは、Bluetoothで接続いる のに、Watchアプリで、Pixel Watchが検索されないのは、どうしてですか?
Updated: Earlier
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