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Diagnose Pixel Watch issues with a customer support agent

When speaking with a Pixel Watch customer support agent, you may be asked to run a diagnostic on your Watch to collect diagnostics and share them with Google support. These Watch diagnostics provide our support agents with helpful device-specific information about your Watch so they can better understand and resolve your issue. The diagnostic tool does not collect your personal health and wellness data (such as activity, heart rate, sleep, ECG) or location.

Your diagnostics data helps support agents fix your issue more effectively by allowing them to quickly see the state that your device, and the sensors on your device, are in.

Send diagnostics

Use LTE or Wi-Fi on your Pixel Watch to share diagnostic data with support.

  1. On your Google Pixel Watch, swipe down and then tap Settings .
  2. Tap System and then Diagnostics.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to run a diagnostic check.
    1. If you have an LTE device, accept the precise location permission so that the diagnostic tool can collect information about your cellular registration status and signal strength. The tool does not collect any actual location information or use this permission to calculate your precise location.
    2. Accept the nearby devices permission so that the tool can collect data about Bluetooth devices connected to your watch, for example, your Watch’s companion phone, to help with pairing issues.
  4. If you choose to share the data with support, tap I agree.
  5. Tap Support to continue on your phone. From here you can follow the steps to speak with a support agent directly.
Important: Any data shared and collected by the Diagnostics tool will be deleted after 14 days. If you select Close instead of I agree, any data collected by the Diagnostics tool will be deleted immediately and not shared.

Diagnostic data the tool collects

The tool will collect and share the following device and sensor data with a customer support agent who can help you further.

  • Apps installed: Shows apps installed and their permission settings. Allows agents to troubleshoot issues with apps which are not working correctly because of missing permissions or are draining battery too fast because of known problems.
  • Audio settings: Shows audio settings. Agents can troubleshoot audio issues and instruct you to set up audio settings to meet your needs.
  • Battery health and status: Shows battery and charging state. Agents can provide troubleshooting steps based on the device's battery health.
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular connectivity: Shows state of Bluetooth, W-Fi and cellular connectivity.
    From this, Agents may be able to help troubleshoot pairing or connectivity issues.
  • Device model and Android version: Shows device model, firmware and Android versions
    Allows agents to advise if updates are needed.
  • Watch settings and storage: Agents can view device settings and storage, which can help them troubleshoot stability and setup issues.

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