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Play and download music on Google Pixel Watch

How to use YouTube Music on your Google Pixel Watch

Listen to music from apps like YouTube Music1 and Spotify on Google Pixel Watch. Additional music apps are available for Google Pixel Watch in the Google Play store. 

With Google Assistant, you can change the volume and what’s playing.

  • Google Pixel Watch LTE: Stream music without your phone nearby or the need to download.
  • Google Pixel Watch Wi-Fi: Download and save songs on your watch or stream music when your phone is nearby or you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

YouTube Music requirements 

Start your YouTube Music Premium trial

Google Pixel Watch comes with a 1-month trial to YouTube Music Premium.

  1. On Google Pixel Watch, tap the side button next to the crown.
  2. Swipe up and tap All apps and then YouTube Music and then Open on phone .
  3. In the Google Pixel Watch app, follow the on-screen instructions to sign in to or create your YouTube account and activate your trial.

Smart Downloads on YouTube Music

Discover new music by setting up automatic downloads of recommended music based on your listening history.

  1. On your phone, open Google Pixel Watch Google Pixel Watch.
  2. Sign in to your YouTube music account. 
  3. On Google Pixel Watch, tap the crown.
  4. Swipe up and tap YouTube Music.
  5. Swipe up and tap Settings and then Downloads.
  6. Select the number of songs you’d like to regularly update and download.
    Note: This will update every night you have more than 40 percent battery charge while connected to Wi-Fi or LTE. It can also update on unrestricted mobile data, depending on your download settings.
  7. View, pause, or delete music to improve your recommendations, and choose the music that gets downloaded.
  8. Reconnect to the internet every 30 days to maintain the music you download.

Learn more at Download music to listen to offline.

1 Some features require paid subscription to YouTube Music Premium. YouTube Music streaming (non-premium version) on the Google Pixel Watch is currently available only in Canada and the U.S. Data rates may apply. Requires compatible 4G LTE wireless service plan (sold separately). Google Pixel Watch and paired phone must use the same carrier network. Contact carrier for full details. See for more information.

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