Upgrade to passkeys for your Pixel phone or tablet

Passkeys are an easier and more secure alternative to passwords. You don’t have to manage multiple passwords. Instead, you can sign-in on apps or websites with your device the same way you’d unlock with a PIN, pattern, password, or biometrics. Learn more about passkeys.

Google passkeys | Simplifying sign-ins across the web

Find eligible accounts & set up passkeys

Not all websites, accounts, or apps support passkeys. To find account passwords that you can upgrade to passkeys, follow these steps:

  1. Open your device’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Passwords & accounts.
  3. Under Passwords, passkeys, and data services, tap Google and then Google Password Manager.
  4. If passkey upgrade opportunities are available, a "Simplify your sign-in" prompt is displayed.
    • Tap the prompt to find eligible accounts.
  5. Choose an account that supports passkeys from the list.
  6. Sign in if needed. Then, to create the passkey, follow the app or site's instructions.
  7. When prompted, use your screen lock, then enter your PIN, pattern, password, or biometrics.


  • You can also check for passkey upgrade opportunities by opening Google Password Manager and tapping on Password Checkup.
  • If a third-party app or website doesn't support passkeys, it doesn't appear in the passkeys recommendations list.

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