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Updated: Yesterday
Black Pixel Buds 2 audio cuts out every 1 minute 50 seconds when playing music or videos I just received my first pair of brand new Black Pixel Buds 2, and i'm using a new google pixel 4 XL… How can I get in contact with the order management team to replace a Google Pixel Bud? I have reached out to a representative 3-4 times over the last 3 weeks about ordering a replacement …
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I lost my pixel buds. Can I lock them out? I lost them on a job site and I want to lock them out so no one can use them.
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Second pair has the same problem of drop outs. I love the functionality, the build, the fit, the sound... but constant drop-outs render these total… I'm having a lot of problems when trying to connect them to my phone So the pixel buds were working fine for a month but I'm really struggling when trying to pair them t…
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Left Pixel Bud Connects, But No Audio Hi there, I know this is a new product, but wanted to offer feedback and see if we can get this issu… Inconsistent in-ear detection Has anyone else noticed how sometimes your buds detect when they're removed from your ears and somet…
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Left Bud Louder Than Right Bud Good Day Everyone, I've noticed a small volume difference between my 2nd Gen Pixel left bud and righ… My Pixel Buds have a static noise when there is something playing. Is this a known issue? I have connected Pixel buds to Google Pixel 3XL, and I am experiencing a faint static hissing sound.…
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Pixel buds keep cutting out when outside on latest firmware I bought a pair of Pixel Buds a few days ago. They are on the latest firmware 552. My phone is Pixel…
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Audio dropping when using PC I'm having an issue when using my 2nd Gen Pixel buds as a headset for meetings on my work PC. I'm ab…
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How to silent the Pixel 2 low battery sound How to silent the Pixel 2 low battery sound. I sleep with them in my ear and after the music stop, a…
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My pixel buds can't be found using the help guide provided by Google since it's inaccurate. Google guides keeps telling me: Go to Settings and then Bluetooth, and tap the Settings icon by your…
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My Pixel Buds 2 have issues controlling galaxy Note 20 ultra My Pixel Buds 2, which worked beautifully with my Pixel 3 XL, are having issues with certain control…
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