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Updated: This week
My left ear bud is not working. My left pixel bud does not connect anymore, so I can't seem to use my pixel buds successfully. I hav… My pixel buds disconnect when removed from the case on a Pixel 4a I have the latest update to Android on a Pixel 4a. I've reset the pixel buds to factory settings and…
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enable secondary mic during buds sharing, in calls I would love to have secondary mic enabled during call buds sharing with another person. So he/she c… left earbud only playing sound out of side speaker When any audio is playing the sound is only coming out of the side speaker on the left earubud. The …
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My Pixel buds 2 keep disconnecting/reconnecting randomly. I'm trying to listen to music or videos and suddenly they start disconnecting. Sometimes the left on… Right pixel bud sensor isn't right Hello, my right pixel bud sensor isn't functioning correctly. It behaves as if I'm constantly tappin…
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When i press the button and hold it to put them into pairing mode, it flashes white and orange. I have tried resetting it and charging it and removing the buds and putting them back in. They won't…
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My pixel buds not working Hi google I have an issue with that my buds gen 2 with serial number : 0820LZABWB1815 , my buds was …
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Right bud won't connect. Right bud will not connect to Pixel 5.
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Pixel buds 2 touch and hold assistant not working The touch and hold assistant function is not working, all other touch controls work and it does acti…
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"Google is muting some sounds" while wearing pixel buds as above, while wearing pixel buds i dont hear when i get text messages or facebook or watsapp messa…
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左側の音がなりません pixelbuzzの鳴がキャビネットの響が響のに音が聞こえます。
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