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Updated: This week
Re-asking question: How do I stop my Pixel 4 stealing control of my Pixel Buds? See https://support.google.com/googlepixelbuds/thread/87539746?hl=en&authuser=1 for earlier question…
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My Pixel Buds keep randomly disconnecting I have tried forgetting my pixel buds in Bluetooth settings and restarting my Google pixel 4a. Howev…
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right pixel bud will not be recognized at all, does not function, shows as fully charged. right pixel bud became warm after about an hour of use, place bud back in charging case, when I remo…
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right ear bud not working My right ear bud suddenly stopped working. The left one works fine. I've tried unpairing and repairi…
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I have lost one pixel bud (it's gone). The other single bud works fine, but I can't pair new device One earbud is hopelessly lost. I have followed process to pair the single bud with new devices, but …
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My right pixel bud won't play out of the ear speaker, it keeps playing out of the bottom speaker I have not tried anything yet because I'm at work at the moment, just want to know if anybody else h…
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My right pixel bud stopped working properly the volume is so low u can barely hear it. I have resync'd buds and still have same problem the volume is super low. What should I do
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My left Pixel bud will not connect. I have forgotten the bluetooth connection and reconnected. I have ensured a good connection to ensur…
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connection back and forth from ios to android Hello! To use the pixel buds 2 on my iPad I have to turn off bluetooth on my android phone otherwise…
0 Recommended Answers 2 Replies 1 Upvote
Audio Call problems Use my pixel buds 2nd Gen (v552 updated) with several devices, including Smart TV, Smart Watch and a… Pixel buds won't stay connected under Ubuntu linux I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling bluez and blueman as well as re-enabling bluetoth via syste…
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Pixel Buds 2: Left Bud doesn't show active, play audio or respond to gestures touches. Just putting this out in case someone's keep track of failure trends. I have already opened a case. …
0 Recommended Answers 98 Replies 305 Upvotes
My dog chewed up my pixel bud case. How can I get a replacement? Am I able to replace my pixel buds case? My dog chewed up my case My left pixel bud will not connect I'm having this issue with my brand new pixel buds that I bought just a couple days ago. I've tried …
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