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The buds won't toggle from white lights to the one green, what can I do to fix this? I bought the buds today and decided to set them up. I read through all the instructions, and they di…
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Is there something for the buds that will help them fit smaller ears?Less then 10 min & my ears hurt I'm trying to find away to make them more comfortable so I don't have to return them. The box of my pixel buds won't stop flashing white They worked fine but today I tried connecting them with my phone and it didn't work I followed all t…
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My pixel buds run the installation every time I reconnect them Every time I reconnect to my pixels buds with my pixel 4 XL, it runs the installation routine.
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how to change pixel buds setting the google support stage says press my assistant button on phone and it should automatically pop up … Mi pixel buds en el estuche solo aparencen los 3 puntos blanco y no me deja enparejarlos con ningun Tdo las pasos qe visto yno da my pixel puds wasnt connect im trying to connect pixel puds with iphone
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disconnected automatically after pair with my iphoneSE when i take out buds from charge box.it can’t pair with my phone automatically,I need pair with phon… My pixel buds are plugged in but aren't working even after the set up I plugged them in and set it up but their not working
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My pixel buds case will not reset, i don't get the amber light flashing after holding the buttondown I've tried the case reset and it dpesnt work. What can I do from here
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iphone setting Hi All ; How i can change double tap setting for iphone ? if i try double top siri is opening connecting to two devices simultaneously i spend most of my day on the phone with my work phone and my personal phone, my personal playing mu… Brand new Pixel Buds charging case smells like moldy bread, solution? I just ordered a new pair of pixel buds from the Google Store, and the case has a horrible smell of … Can't "Finish Setup", also can't use Assisant with lock. 2 problems 1. It tells me I need to finish setup on the Pixel Buds. I know the drill. I have to do t…
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