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Conversation detection with Google pixel buds on iphone I am using Google pixel buds pro with an iPhone and conversation detection is on by default. How can…
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Pixel Buds Pro Issue (Things Escalated) Hello, lemme break down the issue I'm facing and what I've tried. The issue started when the right e…
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How to mute Buds Pro in meetings or phone calls How do we do this? With the name "Pro" in it, I'd presume it would have features like this front and… Firmware Mismatch on Replacement Pixel Bud Pro (Update Was Interrupted) Hello! Hoping someone would be willing to point me in the right direction here. My left pixel pro ea… Pixel series a buds will stop playing music when connected to my pixel 7 but still work on my old 6 I have a two year old pair of pixel series a buds that I got with my old pixel 6 I bought two years …
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Pixel buds A 蓝牙连接问题,当buds A连接pixel7手机时,播放音乐或者音频经常出现断连问题,音乐播放进度条在进行,但是没有声音,经常出现自动断连的状态,然后又自动连接,但是没有声音 耳机已经重置,蓝牙也多次尝试重新配对,但问题仍然存在 Brand new Pixel buds from 2019 not able to update firmware 552 Never used pixel buds given to me a few years ago as I was happy with my current. Finally opened the…
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Needing help to sync or couple a new pixel ear bud Got a replacement ear bud for Pixel Pro and needing help to sync or couple it to existing case and e… Pixel buds pro sends translated output to headphones instead of phone. What I'm trying to figure out is when using pixel buds pro to translate with another person that can…
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My pixel buds first gen not connecting Hi there, I just got Pixel buds first gen from EBay-UK last week as I loved it so much since it laun…
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