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Left Bud Louder Than Right Bud Good Day Everyone, I've noticed a small volume difference between my 2nd Gen Pixel left bud and righ… I am getting a loud intermittent crackling I'm my right earbud while walking. It is more frequent no Nothing
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my pixel buds can't use start music command I'm japanese,so sorry for my bad English. I bought my pixel buds yesterday. I enjoy using it, but it…
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Left earbud has no sound Left earbud reads 100% charged. No sound though. Right bud is fine. Pixel buds 2 (black pair) hissing issues I am hearing constant hissing in the right ear bud and it stops after pause in music in about 3 seco…
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Left Pixel Bud Connects, But No Audio Hi there, I know this is a new product, but wanted to offer feedback and see if we can get this issu… My Right Pixel Bud 2 is very quiet compared to my left one, Is there a way I can turn it up. Thanks Fix my Right Pixel Bud 2
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My second generation earbuds keep dropping connection. My second generation Google pixel earbuds keep dropping connection from my phone when in use. In ord…
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Pixel Buds 2: Left Bud doesn't show active, play audio or respond to gestures touches. Just putting this out in case someone's keep track of failure trends. I have already opened a case. …
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