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I can't update my pixel buds with Google assistant. Using iPhone 6. I have hard reset and updated in the past but can't figure out how to get to the headphone settings …
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Buds do not charge in case and connect to phone while in case. I have tried every troubleshooting steps including cleaning the buds, and holding the button for 40 …
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Will Pixel Buds 2 run Bluetooth 5.0 with Dual Audio? So the tech specs say your device must run Bluetooth 4; however, Bluetooth 5 is backwards compatible…
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My Pixel buds case has no LEDs turning on, even though it's plugged in My pixel buds (first gen) won't charge at all. I see no LEDs turning on, regardless of whether the b… My pixel buds battery doesn't stay long. Runs out of battery within 20mins after fully charged. I tried factory reset but it doesn't work.
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do the original pixel buds work with android lolipop looked online
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My pixel buds randomly disconnect I've tried updating my phone, restarting my phone, completely disconnecting and reconnecting the pix…
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Pixel Buds never charge This is either my third or fourth pair of Pixel Buds because of how many times I have had to replace…
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Anyone else having issues with the Pixel Buds (1st Gen) and the new Pixel 4 XL Google Assistant 2.0? I am finding that I need to remove and reconnect my Pixel Buds (1st Gen) from time to time since get…
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Pixel buds restart track after 3-5 sec playing on Google Play. *MacBook Pro / Catalina *No issues with wired headset From time to time Pixel buds restart the track…
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Why do I have to reset my buds after usage ....what's is best when finished 3 taps for off? Case? Help me get continuous usage
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Frequently disconnecting Pixel buds don't stay connected for more than 2 minutes and disconnect and reconnect.
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Caller volume All volume button and pressed alsort
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