Troubleshoot connectivity issues

Troubleshoot your Pixel Bud connection issues with the steps below.

Step 1: Check the connection between your Pixel Buds and your host device and update your firmware

  1. Confirm that your Pixel Buds and charging case are charged.
  2. Confirm that your source device’s (phone/laptop/tablet) Bluetooth® is on, and that your Pixel Buds are close by and paired with your device
  3. On your source device (may be your phone or laptop), turn Bluetooth off, then turn it back on.
  4. Wait for the Pixel Buds to automatically reconnect with your previously connected source device. This can take several seconds. If necessary, please make sure your source device is connected by selecting "Pixel Buds" from the source device's Bluetooth menu.
  5. Make sure you have the newest firmware.

Step 2: Test your internet connection

  1. Try downloading the content you are playing to ensure that the problem isn’t from streaming or poor internet connection.
  2. While testing, make sure your source device is not transitioning from Wi-Fi to Cellular data as this can impact Bluetooth connectivity. Note: This could happen right outside your home or apartment, where the Wi-Fi signal is very low but still connected.

Step 3: Move away from other devices that could cause interference

Try moving out of the room that has devices that can cause interference such as running microwave ovens, wireless speakers, baby monitors, Wi-Fi routers, and other wireless devices that run on the 2.4 GHz band.

Step 4: If you are still experiencing connectivity issues try these steps

  1. “Forget” your Pixel Buds from your source device, restart the device you wish to connect with your Pixel Buds, and pair your Pixel Buds with the device again.
  2. Try resetting your Pixel Buds.
  3. If you need additional help, you can contact customer support.

 Google, Pixel Buds, and related logos and marks are trademarks of Google LLC.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logo are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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