Change Google Pixel Buds settings

Depending on your device, you can change the settings for your earbuds in different ways:

  • Pixel on Android 10+: Go to your Bluetooth® menu and tap the Settings icon by your Pixel Buds name
  • Other Androids: Look for the Google Pixel Buds app on your home screen or apps list

You can use the Google Pixel Buds app to: 

  • Rename your Pixel Buds
  • Set up your Pixel Buds
  • Check connection and battery status
  • Explore features
  • Manage preferences and settings
  • Send feedback

Rename your Pixel Buds

To rename your Pixel Buds device, tap Edit Edit and then Enter a new name and then Rename.

Note: If the old name is displayed on a previously paired device (example: your laptop), the display will update to the new name when you re-pair your earbuds to the device.


When setting up Pixel Buds for the first time, you may be prompted to download and open the Pixel Buds app. Once downloaded, open the Pixel Buds app to see the main settings screen for your connected Pixel Buds. 

Find out more about setting up Pixel Buds for the first time.

Main screen

Assistant and notifications

From Assistant settings, you can 

  • Set up your Google Assistant and enable Assistant features on Pixel Buds.
  • Spoken notifications
    • Toggle notifications on/off
    • Control notifications per app
    • For more information, see Headphones
  • Toggle for responses while phone is locked
  • Toggle “Hey Google” Voice Match to access Assistant, even when your phone is locked
  • Toggle the start sound on/off

Learn more

Find device

If you misplaced your earbuds, you can make them ring or see their last known location. 

Learn more

Touch controls

All gestures can be performed with either earbud and can be toggled on or off.


  • Play/Pause media
  • Answer call
  • Dismiss Google Assistant

Double tap

  • Next track
  • End/Reject call

Triple tap

  • Previous track/Repeat

Swipe backwards

  • Lower volume (not available on Pixel Buds A-Series)

Swipe forwards

  • Raise volume (not available on Pixel Buds A-Series)

Touch and hold (Android 6.0+ only)

  • Activate Google Assistant
  • To listen to notifications, remain silent until you hear a chime, then let go of the earbud

Learn more


Adaptive Sound 

Toggle to optimise volume based on environmental noise

Learn more

Bass boost

Get more bass with bass boost. 

Learn more

Attention Alerts

(not available on Pixel Buds A-Series)

This experimental feature will make you aware of important sounds around you.

Learn more

In-ear detection

In-ear detection automatically pauses music when Pixel Buds are removed from your ear and plays music when they are placed back in your ear. If you’re switching from using both to using a single earbud on your own, tap play to resume listening. You can tap to toggle in-ear detection on or off.

Sharing detection

(not available on Pixel Buds A-Series)

Share an earbud with a friend and control the volume individually.

Learn more

More settings 

Tips and support

Firmware update

  • Check for updates
  • Turn on/off automatic updates
  • Manually begin an update (only available on Pixel Buds A-Series)
  • Find firmware versions for both Pixel Buds and charging case


  • Connectivity status
  • Make and model
  • Tutorial
  • Your Pixel Buds device’s serial numbers

Email notifications

Send feedback

Safety, warranty and regulatory

Pixel Buds (2017)

Follow the instructions listed below to change headphones settings.

  1. Connect your Pixel Buds to your phone
  2. Press and hold the centre button on your phone to invoke your Google Assistant
  3. Tap on  Headphones settings

What's in the headphones settings menu?

Here are some examples of what's available in headphones settings menu:


If you need a refresher on what you can do with your Pixel Buds, you can take a look at a few helpful tutorials.

Double-tap gesture customisation

Choose your desired action for the double-tap gesture: Check notifications or Next track.

Battery level

The headphones settings menu will inform you of how much power you have left in your Pixel Buds.


The headphones settings menu will inform you the connection status of your Pixel Buds to your phone.

Firmware version

The headphones settings menu will keep you informed on the current firmware running on your Pixel Buds.

Serial number

The headphones settings menu will inform you of the serial number of your Pixel Buds.

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The Bluetooth® word mark is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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