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Pixel Buds version 2.2185.230

Updated June 11, 2019

This firmware update includes:

  • Reduced lag when playing games or YouTube videos
  • Pixel Buds now report 100% battery at full charge
  • After factory reset, Bluetooth is discoverable within 1-2 seconds
After the update, you may see a pop up appear on your device prompting you to Tap to connect. In some cases, connecting this way may fail. If this happens to you, simply re-pair your Pixel Buds to your device from the Bluetooth menu. All updates will roll out by May 21, 2019. 

To view your current firmware version 

  1. Open the Google Assistant app while your Pixel Buds are connected to your Android phone.
  2. Tap your avatar in the top right cornerand thenSettings and thenAssistant and thenPixel Buds.

Previous announcements 

Sleep/Wake your Pixel Buds with a gesture

If you want to manually sleep or wake your Pixel Buds, triple tap the right earbud.

Customize the double tap gesture

For more control over your music, you can now customize the double tap gesture to what is most useful for you. You can choose to skip tracks or get an update on your notifications from the Google Assistant. If you want to keep the double tap gesture mapped to receiving notifications, you can continue to use the Google Assistant to skip tracks.

Seamlessly switch between devices

We take our phones almost everywhere with us, but have several devices—computers, tablets, etc—and often move between them from task to task. Pixel Buds has now been improved to make switching between devices easier. Select the Pixel Buds on another device that has been previously paired, and the connection will automatically switch.

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