Charging Case LED Patterns

The Google Pixel Buds charging case has three LEDs and a case button that can be used to provide useful information about things like pairing status, the battery level of your Pixel Buds, and the battery level of the charging case itself.

Note: Charge safely. Before charging, please be sure you read and follow the safety information about charging Google Pixel Buds at or in the "Be Safe" guide included with your Google Pixel Buds.


Pixel Buds pairing LED patterns

Google Pixel Buds must be in the charging case to begin pairing mode. This mode allows the Pixel Buds to be connected to up to 8 devices. Pairing mode will begin automatically during the initial set up process.

To manually begin pairing mode, press and hold the case button for three seconds.


1 pulsing white LED Pixel Buds are in pairing mode

Pixel Buds battery LED patterns

To quickly check the battery level of your Pixel buds when they're in the charging case, press the case button or open the lid of the charging case.

1 solid green LED Pixel Buds battery is fully charged 
1 pulsing green LED Pixel Buds are charging
1 pulsing amber LED Pixel Buds are charging (battery critically low)


Note: If you see a green LED, that means Pixel Buds are good to go. If you see an amber LED, that means the battery is critically low.

Charging case battery LED patterns

When your charging case is empty, simply open the lid or press the case button inside to get an LED reading of your current battery level.

3 solid white LEDs Case battery 75% and up
2 solid white LEDs Case battery 50-75%
1 solid white LED Case battery 25-50%
1 solid amber LED Case battery critically low
One to three blinking, ascending LEDs The case is plugged in and charging


Note: If your Pixel Buds are in the charging case, you can press the case button to toggle between the Pixel Buds and charging case batteries.

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