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Get products or services from a Spot (Singapore only)

Important: This article is for Google Pay in Singapore. This info may not apply for Google Pay users outside of Singapore.

A Spot is a digital storefront that lets you discover, engage, and shop with businesses on Google Pay.

To find new Spots:

  • Search for businesses on Google Pay.
  • Scan a physical Spot Code for a business.
  • Get recommendations shared by friends and family.

Spots are also shown when you need them. For example, your favorite coffee shop's Spot may show up in the morning or the ride sharing Spot may appear before your evening commute.

Make a purchase

  1. Open Google Pay .
  2. In the “Business” section, tap the Spot that you want to buy from. You'll see a history of past transactions.
  3. At the bottom, tap to open the Spot for that business.
  4. Use the Spot to select the products or services you want.
  5. Follow the steps to pay.

Tip: You might need to give some permissions to use Spot in Google Pay.

Edit info shared for transactions

To complete a requested transaction, Google Pay may share information from your Google Pay and Google Account settings with merchant partners. To update your information, you can:

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