Understand Google charges on your bank statement

Here’s where you can find info about Google Pay charges on your bank statement.

Important: If you think a charge was made by Google in error, file a dispute.

Find charges for Google products

When you buy something from Google, you’ll find a charge on your account that starts with "GOOGLE*" and ends with the Google product or another descriptor.

Here’s how some common Google purchases might appear on your bank statement.

Tip: Some of these descriptors may appear shortened.

Statement item Google product


Chile only

Google Ads


Colombia only

Google Ads
GOOGLE *{Company} Google Play Store for Apps
GOOGLE *Commerce Ltd Google Play Music
GOOGLE *{Developer} Google Play Store for Apps


Japan only

Google Play Store for Apps
GOOGLE *Devices Google Store
GOOGLE *Domains Google Domains
GOOGLE *GOOGLE YouTube Premium
GOOGLE *Google, Inc. Google Play Music
GOOGLE *Google Music Google Play Music
GOOGLE *Google Play Google Play Movies & TV
GOOGLE *Google Storage Google Drive
GOOGLE *Google Store Google Store
GOOGLE *Google Surveys Google Analytics
GOOGLE *GoogleShopping Google Shopping
GOOGLE *Music Google Play Music
GOOGLE* Google Storage Google One

GOOGLE *Play Store

Chile only

Google Play Store for Apps

GOOGLE *Youtube

Chile only


Colombia only

GOOGLE *Play Credit Google Play gift cards and other transfers to a Google Play balance
GOOGLE *Play Newsstand Google Play Newsstand
GOOGLE *PROJECT FI Google Project Fi
YouTube TV
GOOGLE WORKSPACE {first_7_letters_of_domain_name} Google Workspace
GOOGLE STORE {store_location} Google Store
GOOGLE *Voice Google Voice
GOOGLE *WALLET Google Wallet
GOOGLE *YouTube Videos YouTube Movies

Pending transactions

You may find a charge on your account with the descriptor GOOGLE *TEMPORARY HOLD. It may be cut short on your bank statement. This is a pending charge for a transaction that hasn’t been processed yet. When the transaction goes through, it’ll go away and you won’t be charged.

Find Google Pay charges for non-Google products

When you buy from a retailer other than Google through Google Pay, the charge will appear with the retailer’s brand. If you have questions about the charge, contact the retailer.

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