Donation History

Why are you collecting my donation history?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to track your giving across multiple products, including YouTube, Google Play, Google crisis response campaigns, and Assistant donations.

Where can I view my donation history? What are sponsored donations?

Campaigns where Google or another party is matching donations are called "Sponsored Donations." If you make a Sponsored Donation, you will see your donation, as well as the matching donation amount show up in your Donation History.

Where can I get a tax receipt?

Tax receipts are available at

How do I delete my donation history?

You can delete your donation history here. Deleting your donation history will not affect your Google account or your Google Payments account. For donations made on Google Play, deleting your donations history will not delete those transactions from your order history.

If you made a donation using Guest Checkout, no information will be stored in your donation history. Likewise, if you have a Google Payments account and you made a donation using Guest Checkout, your donation will not appear in your Google Payments transaction history.

Questions about donations on Google?

If you have any questions or feedback regarding donations on Google, fill out this form to contact us.

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