Find payment methods you added in the Google Pay app

To find debit cards, credit cards, and bank accounts in the Google Pay app for payments or to track spending, use the “Insights” tab.

  1. Open the Google Pay app .
  2. Tap Insights  and then Show all accounts.
  3. If your card or account was:
    • Added for payments: You can find it under “Payment methods.” 
    • Added to track spending: You can find it under “Bank and credit cards balances.”

Tip: At any time, you can add a card or bank account for another purpose.

Forms of payment that can be used for different features

Feature Supported payment methods
Make contactless payments in stores or for transit Accepted debit cards or credit cards. Find supported payment methods.
Find insights about your money & spending habits Accepted credit cards, bank accounts, prepaid cards, or PayPal accounts. 
Send money Accepted debit cards, bank accounts*, or Google Pay balance.
Add money to Google Pay balance

Accepted bank accounts.

Transfer money out of Google Pay Accepted debit cards and bank accounts.
Pay in apps or online Accepted debit cards, credit cards, and Google Pay balance where accepted.

*You can’t use a bank account to send money to someone who:

  • Doesn’t have the new Google Pay app
  • Doesn’t allow people to search for them

You can still send them money with a debit card or your Google Pay balance.

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