Transfer money out of Google Pay (US only)

Transfer money out of the Google Wallet website

You can transfer money from Google Pay to a bank account.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Payment Methods.
  3. Click Money in Google Pay or Google Pay balance and thenTransfer out.
  4. Enter the amount that you want to transfer out.
  5. Select the bank account that you want to transfer to.
  6. Click Transfer out.


  • When you transfer money out of your balance through a bank account, it should be available in your account within 1–5 business days.

Can’t transfer out money

  1. Make sure you’re using an eligible form of payment.
  2. Check that you haven’t reached your limits. Learn more about Google Pay limits.
  3. Make sure that the name and address in your Payment Profile settings matches the info on file with your bank or card issuer.
    • If your billing info matches: Try the transaction again with a different payment method. 
  4. Check your payment method.
    • If your payment method is associated with more than 5 Google Pay profiles: You must remove one of them.
    • If you added more than 5 payment methods to your payments profile: You must remove one of them.

If you still can’t transfer out your money in Google Pay, report the issue with our team.

Access money when account isn’t supported

If you have money in Google Pay and you find a message that says “Account suspended" or “Account not supported,” contact us for help.

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