Settle a negative balance (US only)

If your account shows a negative balance you won’t be able to use your account to send or request money until you have settled your negative balance

Your Google Pay balance may show up as negative if:

  • Someone sent you money and then filed a chargeback with their bank.
  • You tried to send money from a bank account that didn't have enough funds.
  • A temporary credit was made in your account for a dispute under investigation, but after investigation completion, the dispute was rejected.

Settle your negative balance

On the home screen, if you get an alert that you owe Google money, tap Pay now. To settle your balance, follow the steps on the screen.

Important: If you have not yet verified your identity, you will need to verify your identity before you settle the balance.

  1. Open the Google Pay app
  2. On your home screen, find the message to pay for the money you owe.
  3. Tap Pay Now.
  4. Select a bank account.
  5. Tap Add and then Next.

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