Back up your device

Where your phone data is stored

The info on your phone is backed up in different places based on its operating system. If your backups are uploaded in Google, they're encrypted with your Google Account password. For some data, your phone's screen lock PIN, pattern or password is also used for encryption.

Your backup data (except what you back up to Google Photos) is erased if:

  • You don't use your device for 57 days
  • You turn off backups

What gets saved with Backup by Google One

Backup by Google One automatically saves data from your phone. This includes:

  • App data
  • Call history
  • Contacts
  • Settings
  • SMS messages
  • Pictures and videos
  • MMS messages
What gets saved by Apple iCloud Backup
Some things get backed up by Apple, so you don't need to turn on Google One's backup to save this data. These files include:
  • iMessages, SMS texts and MMS messages
  • App data
  • Device settings
For the most up-to-date list and to find more details about iCloud, visit the Help Centre.

Automatically back up your phone

To make, manage or delete backups, you need to use a mobile device.

On your computer, you can check what data and apps are included in your backup file.

  1. On your computer, go to Google One.
  2. Scroll to 'Device backup' and click View.
  3. Click the device with a backup that you want to check.
    Tip: Devices that other members of your Google One family have backed up are also listed. You can't check the details of what your family backs up.
  4. Below the device that you want to check, click See details.

Delete your data backups

If you turn off Back up by Google One on your device, your backups are deleted. Photos and videos that you previously backed up remain saved in Google Photos.

If you don't use your device for 57 days, the data that you backed up (except photos or videos) is also erased.

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