Dispute, report or cancel a payment

If you think that a purchase was made or money was sent or received fraudulently, you can dispute a transaction. You can cancel some payments that you made using Google Pay.

Step 1: Check if the transaction is complete

  • A transaction can't be disputed until it's complete.
  • The amount shown for transactions that are still processing are temporary and may change.
  • After you cancel an order or payment, it can take some time before your account is credited.

Step 2: Check if the transaction was made by someone who you know

If a family member or friend had access to your Google Account or payment method and made the transaction, go to the appropriate section below.

Cancel a Google purchase

Important: This info is for individuals, not businesses. For more info about Google Pay for businesses, visit the Payments Centre Help Centre.

Contact the product's support team.

Cancel a Google subscription

Important: When you cancel a subscription, completed payments aren't refunded. Cancellations can't be undone, but you can always resubscribe.

Learn how to cancel a Google subscription.

Dispute or report a payment that you did not authorise

Dispute a payment for Google products

If you think that a fraudulent payment was made for a Google product like Play or YouTube, you can dispute a transaction.

Dispute a transaction that you don't recognise in the Google Pay app

If you find a transaction on the Google Pay website that you don't recognise:

  1. Compare the Google Pay transaction amount with the records on your financial institution's online banking portal or app.
    • Do not rely on physical bank statements or receipts as these could be outdated.
  2. If the amount on your financial institution's portal isn't accurate or you don't recognise the charge, contact the merchant and try to resolve the issue with them.
  3. If you can't resolve the issue with the merchant, you can file a dispute.
    • If the transaction used your debit card, credit card, bank account or other payment method linked to your Google Pay account, you can file a dispute.
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