How to create strong passwords

When you create strong passwords, they can prevent someone else from accessing your account.

The safest and easiest way to create strong passwords is to let Chrome suggest a password for you.

To create passwords on your own, you can consider these tips:

Use different passwords for every account

Password reuse can be risky. If someone gets your password for one of your accounts, they can use that password to gain control of your email account, social media profiles and even your money.

To prevent this, you can use different passwords for all of your accounts. To manage your passwords more easily, learn how to save, manage and protect your passwords.

Use long and memorable passwords

Long passwords are strong passwords. Make sure that your passwords are at least 12 characters long.

To make passwords memorable, you can use:

  • Song lyrics
  • Film or book quotes
  • Meaningful phrases
  • Abbreviations, such as passwords that contain the first letter of each word in a sentence

Avoid personal info and common words

When you create passwords, do not use info that someone else could know or easily find out. It's also important to avoid simple words, common phrases and recognisable patterns.

For example, you can avoid these words and phrases:

  • Obvious passwords, such as 'password' or 'let me in'
  • Sequences, such as 'abcd' or '1234'
  • Keyboard patterns, such as 'qwerty' or 'qazwsx'
  • Nicknames or initials
  • Name of your child or pet
  • Important birthdays or years
  • Name of your street
  • Numbers from your address

Manage your passwords with a tool

Writing down passwords isn't your safest option. It makes it easier for them to be stolen or lost.

As an alternative, you can use a trusted password manager that comes with your Google Account at no charge. Learn how to save, manage and protect your passwords.

When you manage your passwords with a tool, you can:

  • Create and save strong passwords.
  • Protect all your saved passwords with built-in security.
  • Automatically fill in passwords for your accounts.
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