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How do You How do you customize Google News feed so that it gives you news and information on just one topic?? … How can I eliminate Google news sites that require a subscription to read? I want to eliminate all news sites that require a subscription to read. How do I do that? How to curate Suggested News Article? How do I customize the Suggested Articles when I open Chrome? I deleted some that were not of intere… How do i bring back newsfeed? Bring back articles of interest to me based on my searches.
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How do I Subscribe to receive Google News by email How do I Subscribe to receive Google News by email
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I am unable to link my Washington Post subscription in the Google News Android app. When I try to add my Washington Post subscription I get a 502 error. First it redirects me to a site…
0 Recommended Answers 10 Replies 3 Upvotes
Unending Kardashian Stories. "Fewer Stories Like This" never works, even after 100's of times Google News keeps showing me Kardashian/Jenner stories, even after *never* reading a single one, and…
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Increasingly Horrible feed? The harder I try to customize my Google News feed the worse it gets. Every day I see something on th… Can't input "Favorite Sports Team" On the main feed there is a box that asks "What's your favorite sports team?".. It has nothing but l…
0 Recommended Answers 9 Replies 17 Upvotes
How to change my browser location to reflect my hometown rather than where I currently live I've tried resetting it in google maps but it always reverts back to my current location. I'd like t…
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Added Breitbart News but Shows no articles from them in News Feed, how to add? I added a few news sources by following them. However, after a week, I have not seen one Breitbart N…
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Remove COVID-19 Articles? Hello, I am interested in purging all COVID-19 articles from my news feed. I've tried using the feat… How can I block paywall sites from all Google results? Trying to block paywall sites from all my Google searches. What is the point in offering ianyone all… News Feed Quality. How do I remove low quality news subjects such as Sports and Entertainment from my Google News feed?…
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