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Google pls BLOCK Fake and biased news websites such as ndtv, the wire, scroll.in, The quint. We feel that above shared websites are trying to break communal harmony and spread fake news by crea…
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Google should revive the news archive products now that newspapers.com hasn't updated much last year Remember this?https://news.google.com/newspapers back when Google was interested in being a library …
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How do I remove Rappler as news source from Google News. Rappler is not a reliable source for me. How do I remove Rappler as a news source in Google News? I consider Rappler not a reliable source an…
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Don't suppress results behind a paywall, just flag them with $. Can you at least do that? We know Google's business model depends on more clicks, but to make things a little more consumer-fr… How do I block a news source *before* it shows up on my feed? I don't want to wait until something shows up on my feed to block it. I want to never see it. How do… How to stop opinion and liberal news feed?I hide it but google keeps forcing it. I just want news. I don't want opinion news feed or liberal news feed, I have chosen to hide numerous times and google… stop showing old news in local I have been using google news on my desktop for years. Now all of a sudden my local news section is … How do I choose the topic I want to see less of when picking "Fewer like this" *On Desktop*? The mobile app allows you to choose which topic you want to see less of. This is handy, because if I… Malicious pop-up in Google News Feed CNN article Upon opening an article in my Google News feed this morning regarding a Nashville tornado, it popped…
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Google News links not working. Clicking on a news link opens a new blank news.google.com page. Help please
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Fake news prominent in GN feed I am suddenly seeing many links to Express.co.uk news articles in my Google News feed. Are you kiddi…
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english language news How can I see news published by all english language sources, not of a single region? For example I … HOW DO I SAVE A SEARCH TRYING TO SAVE A NEW SEARCH remove local news going to bing instead
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