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No more "print replica" magazines? What are you talking about in your email (1/2/2020) where you announce that there will be no more "p…
2 Replies
Does Google News really think that Showbiz Cheat Sheet is a reputable news source? There are lots of sketchy sources on Google News, but Showbiz Cheat Sheet? Seriously? I believe Goog…
2 Replies
TOO MUCH FOX NEWS !!! ENOUGH ALREADY !!! What has become of the Google News Feed? Every 2nd or 3rd story comes from FOX news. Also the Washin… Unusual content in Google News, India How can you quote a news from Aljazeera news channel ? Which is ban in India ! Everytime I surprise …
2 Replies
Why is Google so incredibly biased (Left) in reporting the news? I have been googling "news" daily to keep up to date with the IRAN and Trump events. Every single ar…
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Clickbait and Shock news - violates Google guidelines? Hi, i am very interested in the weather and since November I have seen some newspapers report the we…
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Why is google news obsessed with murder and death? At all times, google news shows me at least half a dozen homicides or suicides. There is no way to c… Magazines closing on android Hi, I heard that PDF magazines are going to stop being published, is that true and when does it happ… Türkiye'de ki haber siteleri trafik almak için spam sayfa açıyor Google son güncellemeleri ile birlikte haber sitelerine ayrıcalık tanımış oluyor. Domain gücü ve yük…
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Why are news recommendations in Chrome and Assistant not the same? Chrome and Assistant do not show the same News recommendations. Most are similar, but Chrome shows s…
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Site Approved but get manual action on webmaster. Hi team, Recently I have submitted my site to google partner dash & it get approved in mean time & a… Google stopped updating news only see one story even when want to more stories , just blank. See more news but only one story is showing each day
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Local News Stories Are Not Updating The Local category in my Google News feed has stopped updating with new stories. All of the other ca… How do I block Youtube Videos on Google News? Block YouTube videos on Google News.
0 Recommended Answers 6 Replies 13 Upvotes
A site scrapped content from other sites and is currently included in Google News as publisher One of the publisher in Google News has been scrapping content. https://mashviral.com content are al…
0 Recommended Answers 12 Replies 6 Upvotes
Google news opens page with just the link on it When I click to open a story or right click to open in a new tab I get a blank page with just a link… loading of the news is extremely SLLLOOOWWW. Everything else is OK. Is there a workaround? loading of the news is extremely SLLLOOOWWW. Is it because Google passes through other sites before …
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