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Updated: This year
If I click on a link on news.google it doesn't open the news website but opens the article on Google I want to open an article on the website of the news article and not stay on news.google.com/article… Did not sign up for Google News Email, cant unsubscribe. Was redirected from some random website to Google News Page, have since received an email telling me… i want to move my google news account to a new Gmail We've detected unusual activity in your account and locked it to protect your information. so i can'…
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Is this card useful right now? "Is this card useful right now" comes up occasionally. The words "right now" means it's asking about… Your News does not refresh Your New does not refresh
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All the news that's too small to read. For some time, I've noticed that some of the articles do not abide by my system settings for font si… Permanently show menu on left side This is the inverse of a locked post from 2020. On my PC, using Edge, the news.google.com left menu … How to remove Rectangular logo in my Publication I would like to know how to completely remove the rectangular logo (light and dark) from my publicat… Ειδήσεις Google Δεν βλέπει ειδήσεις στη σελίδα
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My news app runs in background and phone gets too hot! App runs in background causing phone to overheat Báo sự cố googie tin tức Khắc phục sự cố những trang tin tức quan tâm tự nhiên không có bài viết gần đây mong khắc phục sự cố…
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