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How to get rid of fake Fact Check section on home page The fact checker section is blatantly bias and not grounded in fact. Is there away to get this fake … Can you please stop filling my news feed with corporate propaganda? Ever since Bernie Sanders became popular, Google has been trying to force feed me corporate propagan…
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Completely disable news from Liar/Propaganda News Sources I want to disable Fox News (and a few similar ones) in GoogleNews but I notice that this is not real…
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How do I get the old news format back? I am neuro-divergent and the new settings SHOUT at me. The new settings are too crowded with the columns, and it's like rush hour traffic for my brain. The…
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Are they gonna let us go back to the old News format I sent my feedback to Google through the appropriate channels but has there been announced if Google… Missing preview photos In my Czech version of the Google news are not showing pictures preview at all articles. I am using … How to change Google news language to Urdu? I have tried it but Urdu is not visible in language option in Google news. Kindly guide me in this r… Google News notifications stopped popping up Normally, my Google News "Your Daily Briefing" notification pops up on my phone as soon as I'm up, a… I want to remove news to home screen of Google Go please help News at home screen remove it
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When is Google going to let us go back to the "old" News hompage format !? I checked out the "New" format months ago and didn't like it! Got a notification today, so I took a …
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No more football team spoilers Hello, Used to be a feature to stop Google to give you football score updates of a particular team (… Google News on iPhone doesn't show notifications. I downloaded the app a few weeks ago and up until now it still doesn't want to show me daily notific…
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Updated: This year
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