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HOW DO I SAVE A SEARCH TRYING TO SAVE A NEW SEARCH remove local news going to bing instead How do I stop seeing all sports articles in my news feed? I’ve unfollowed all sports publications. I’ve selected “show me less” on all sports articles. How do I edit sources that appear for Top Stories under weather in google android app When I swipe right on my phone I get personalised news feed. At the top is weather. If I click that …
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Does google give canadian weather repotrs Trying to get canada weather report How do I tell Google News I don't want spoilers? I'd love a way to tell Google News that I'm not interested in spoilers, fan theories, fan trailers, … How can you report a fake news article? https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/jason-chaffetz-fbi-deep-sta Want to be able to report fake news articles, ex. Fox news, in Chrome as I can in facebook!
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Non riesco a far approvare il mio sito poiché mi si contesta l'impostazione sbagliata dei feed ho provato più volte a approvare di gran lunga il mio sito, ma ho contesta cambiato sbagliata dei fe…
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I can't figure out how to stop seeing sports and entertainment news. I don't see anything under "Favorites" that let's me exclude types of news. I would really like to e… How do I block a news source? Fox "so-called" News is all over the place, and I just want news. I've tried hiding Fox news, and there are no like/dislike icons. Help! Where did the Google magazine store move to. What is the web link to purchase single issues of digital magazines from Google. For over 5 years yo…
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