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Google pls BLOCK Fake and biased news websites such as ndtv, the wire, scroll.in, The quint. We feel that above shared websites are trying to break communal harmony and spread fake news by crea…
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i want to google bangla notification in my anddrid phon gogole browser
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How do you remove read articles How do you remove news articles that you have read Don't suppress results behind a paywall, just flag them with $. Can you at least do that? We know Google's business model depends on more clicks, but to make things a little more consumer-fr… Google news sucks Revert to old format
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My Google tool bar is working fine but the Newsfeed isn't loading at all. The space stays white. Ho Open my Google Newsfeed from the Google toolbar. It stays all white and nothing loads. Don't want article about musk Tesla Stop displaying article about Tesla musk
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Cannot get the app to run. Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Can you help? Uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Restarted phone each time. No luck. Will not open or eun. The app is broken, any video played in fullscreen stops if you pan the phone into landscape If you go into any article with embedded video, you play the video, click on fullscreen and pan the …
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How can I block biased media news from NDTV, Thewire, Scroll.in? How to block biased news No news show on No news show on app I dont follow the bs from Washington post, CNN or new York times... how do I block that crap Trying to block CNN and Washington post I want to block news websites the wire, Print and Scroll.in Need to block wire.com and scroll.in Why articles are not showing properly Hello all here is my website vigilant360.in and it is working fine while using in chrome but when i … What is the news request limit? Hi I want to collect my favorite news. So I developed python code for news crawling. But I have one … how can i remove cricket news i am not interested in cricket .{ destroys new generation by wasting time for nonsense players } i w…
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When JSC Result 2019 will publish? Bangladesh's second-biggest public exam JSC result 2019 is knocking at the door. Only a few days awa… Is it legal to use google news rss in a mobile application? I generate a google news rss feed using https://rss.app/ Is it legal to use this rss in my iOS appli… how to find article opened from Google News in last three days Read an article posted on Google News within the last 3-4 days on Trump and his view of his supporte…
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How can I block twitter and tweets from showing up on the Google News page? Tweets aren't news. I woke up this morning and opened the google news feed only to find a tweet formatted as a news stor…
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