Find what you want on Google News

You can see different kinds of news, magazine and video stories on Google News. Some sections cover the same subjects for readers. Some pick stories based on your interests.

See full coverage

To see all available sources for a subject, tap or click Full coverage Full coverage. To find sources on 'Full coverage' that you subscribe to, scroll down to 'From your subscribed sources'.

A computer algorithm finds and lists stories. 'Full coverage' shows perspectives and context. It has no personalisation except your language, region and a section for your subscriptions.

Note: Some of these features are only available if you're signed in to your Google Account. 

Search for specific content

  1. Open your Google News app Google News app.
  2. At the top left, tap Search Search.
  3. Enter your search, like a:
    • Topic to read about
    • Place to follow
    • Source to read from

See content based on your interests

To see stories picked by a computer algorithm based on your settings and past activity:

  1. Open your Google News app Google News app.
  2. See your briefing of top five stories.
  3. To see more stories, at the bottom, tap Following Following. Then tap an interest, like a topic, source or location.

Note: Algorithms personalise for your Google News settings, such as your interests and sources. They also personalise for your past activity on Google, such as in Google Search and YouTube.

Find out how stories are selected or how to change settings and see past activity.

Read your saved stories or subscriptions

  1. Open your Google News app Google News app.
  2. At the bottom, tap Following Following.
  3. Scroll to the content that you want. For example:
    • Topics
    • Sources
    • Locations
    • Saved searches
    • Saved stories
    • Magazines

Improve what stories show for you

You can have Google News show more of the kinds of stories that you want and fewer of those that you don’t. Find out how to personalise Google News.

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