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Updated: Today
Lost access to manager account of google home. I’m trying to set up Phillips hue light bulbs. I lost access to the account I normally used and now …
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I can’t get my Nest Protect connected to my Wi-fi.I’ve reset the Comcast gateway. Still doesn’t work I’ve reset my Comcast gateway and the Nest Protect. Nest Protect finds the 2.4gHz wi-fi network but …
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Nest Mini constantly unlinking from Google Home account - "Please login through the Google Home app" One of our Nest Minis keeps unlinking from my Google account. Every day, sometimes multiple times pe… My new home's smoke alarms have a different connection On the rear. Is there an adapter to fix this? Plug in back of protect is different than my old house's smoke alarms. How to command my tv box with google mini and a BroadLink RM mini 3? (It works with my tv!!!) Voice command my tv box. I set them up completely but tv works, but tv box only with the BroadLink a…
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Furnace is short cycling I have had my 3rd gen Nest thermostat for about 6 months, and it has worked fine until very recently…
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thermostat E doesn’t turn heat on. SDG&E confirmed it’s nest. Only 1+ yr old. Can I get replacement? utility checked furnace and wires, all work well. Issue is nest itself. Turned on and off. Checked a…
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Familiar Faces - how to identify a face as familiar if I accidentally said it wasn't How do I go back and identify a face as familiar that I accidentally identified as not familiar? I w…
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Nest Thermostat suddenly disconnected from WIFI and now won't find any Wifi networks? Help!? I have tried resetting the Wifi network, checked the battery level is at least 3.8v, resetting the N… Nest keeps switching my temperature My Nest thermostat keeps changing my temperature. I want to manually set the temperature and only ma… My Nest Protect keeps saying low battery even with brand new batteries One of my Nest Protect units keeps giving low battery warnings even when I put in fresh batteries. I…
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12371.71.11 firmware cause constant reboot of NEST router? Even since 12371.71.11 update, I keep getting connection drop. When it happened, I can see that the …
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No usage data in history No usage data totals in history both app and thermostat. App shows usage on clicking on each day but…
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I have an old thermostat w/ only 2 wires -- red and beige. Will Nest work with just the 2 wires? This is a heat only thermostat (no air conditioning). The beige wire that is connected could be fade… Detect will not connect with Guard. Error code NS013 (4096). Any suggestions? Brand new Nest Guard will not connect with Detects. I spoke to support and after several failed atte…
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Como vínculo mi cuenta de Cecotec Conga? Adquirió un aspirador compatible con CECOTEC CONGQ 3490 con Google Home y Alexa. Al intentar vincula… Nest Thermostat cannot find Wifi Network Nest Thermostat has disconnected from WiFi. When trying to connect, cannot find ANY WiFi networks (M… Wanna know why I can not play my iHeartRadio radio app playlist, only the radio and update change I would like to know why I can not play my iHeartRadio won’t play app playlist, only the radio and w…
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Remote Sensors I purchased and installed 3 best remote sensors 3 weeks ago. They worked and displayed the temperatu…
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Not able to login into my Nest app on my Apple TV!!!! I am not able to log into my Nest app on my Apple TV. The whole reason I went with Nest instead of R…
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