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My Google Home Mini gives me a “could not communicate” error message after it’s connected to wifi I’ve been unable to connect my Google Home Mini to my wifi network. I have a Zolo Mojo speaker that … Google home mini has 4 solid white lights, won't reset. One green light when reset button held. Google home mini has never worked. Four solid white lights on. Will not reset. Have tried holding re… How do I turn off the confirmation when giving a command to Google home mini? Help for the love of God!!!!!! How do I set a Google Home routine to play the news and then play music? Hi there! Love my new Google Home but noticed an odd and undesireable behavior when trying to custom… My google home has an orange blinking light on the back that occasionally turns white for about 5 s My google home has an orange blinking light on the back that occasionally turns white. Nothing Happe… Exposed WiFi? Home mini broadcasts WiFi when main router offline. My new google home mini appears to broadcast its setup WiFi SSID (as unsecured) when my main router …
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Humidity sensor 10% too high My nest humidity sensor is 10% higher than a hygrometer located next to it (and one internal to a de… Notification delays It takes too long to get notifications from my Nest Hello. By the time I'm notified, the person is l…
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Why does Nest randomly drop temp to 50 degrees or raise it to 90 degrees? Randomly our Nest thermostat will drop the temp to 50 or raise it to 90. We can't find a pattern to … Nest Protect batteries VERY hot My living room Nest Protect has had a good battery level. This morning it woke the entire house with… Google Home has become very slow to respond and doesn't hear my wake word. Google Home has become progressively slower and I need to repeat the wake word three or four times t… How do I find out the history of songs played by Google Home? Stating up-front that 'Category' and 'Device' are irrelevant to my query, but I have to complete the… Brand new Nest Cam IQ Outdoor shows distorted horizontal lines. We have 7 indoor Nest cams and 3 outdoor Nest Cam IQs. The most recent addition (Nest Cam IQ Outdoor…
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