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Updated: Yesterday
This account already exists on your device. Can't get past initial sign in Google home I got a Google home hub. Step 2 of set up is to install the Google home app on my phone. I installed… Can't link Smart Life devices to Google Home App Hey, I have bought a Universal Infrared Blaster from Smart Life. From the Smart Life app, it's all g… My nest doorbell suddenly stopped sending me alerts. The settings have not changed. My settings have not changed. My settings are set to push notifications...always...notify of people … 2 philips hues bridges At my house I have almost 80 light bulbs, and we are putting smart bulbs in the house (Phillips hue …
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"Google Home can't communicate with Android tv." I purchased a Sony XBR-55X800E (Android tv) because of its advertised ability to be controlled by Go…
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How do you Group lights in the Google home app? I'd like to know how to group lights as is shown in the app store screenshots linking August smart lock with google home but when I go through the process it stops short Trying to link. There’s a link in my discover feed in google home so I click and it gets me to enter…
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Impossible de lier le compte smart life a google home, comment faire? Bonjour, J'ai acheté des prises électriques utilisant l'application smart life, elles fonctionnent t…
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Lg will not link cannot get LG to link to Google home for voice control. Direct connect to LG ThinQ works, though. Google home max won't link to my LG OLED TV with ThinQ My 2018 LG OLED tv is supposed to be google assistant compatible, but I can't get the app to link to… I need to hold a temperature on Nest thermostat I installed Nest thermostats in our vacation home and it's been a nightmare managing them. We visit … Smart plug not working on Home, working on everything else. I have set up two smart plugs using smart life to control two lamps. They were both working until a … Smartlife App - all devices offline I've been using teckin smart plugs with the smart life app through our smart home devices for the pa…
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Can I set an alarm on my google home via the Google Home App? Set an alarm on google home without speaking out loud
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