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Updated: Yesterday
Can the Google home hub act as a bridge for Philips hue bulbs so I don't have to buy the bridge them I would like to use my Google home hub with Philips hue bulbs but I heard that the Google home hub c… Chamberlain MyQ not working with Google Assistant I have unlinked MyQ from Google Assistant and linked again, however, MyQ is still not working. When … Mi home not linking to google assistant or home I have tried to connect mi home to Google Assistant and Google home app but so far no luck! How to set a timer for the lights to turn off or on I would like to “say turn off the lights after 30 minutes” or “ turn on the lights at 6 am” but it d… Ecobee Control Problems when in Auto Mode Home App (and voice command) doesn't work correctly with Ecobee thermostat when it's in Auto mode. T…
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How do silence Google routines? I want my Google Home routines to run silently. Google Home Routines not recognizing Yonomi scene but running it anyway... When I create a routine that runs a Yonomi scene it tells me "I'm sorry Russell, I can't access
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is there a known problem with tplink and google home - mine constantly says unable to access i have 3 tp link devices in my house and i used alexa - i recently switched to the home hub - now it… Mi home and Google Home connecting issue Hi. First i'm sorry for my English ;) I have LG g6 android 8.0, latest version of mi home and google… Smart devices stopped syncing with google home. They are added on there but don't work. Smart life devices stopped syncing with google home. It still works manually through smart life app … Trouble shoot wyze v2 streaming When I try to stream the wyze v2 camera to my Google hub there is no picture, just black. I have alr…
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