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Not able to use my nest aware subscription in UAE after google merge I have several indoor and outdoor Nest cameras and was using Nest Aware subscription so far. Unfortu…
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Problems with 2 nest batteryprotects , 1 saying the others batteries are low but both have a new set Have tried replacing both with brand new sets of lithium batteries as recommended but I still get th…
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google won’t edit lists, can’t recognize my voice I’m trying to add to my grocery list and he will listen and then say he can’t edit any lists because…
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I object to the new security policy that will force the green light on all the time. By always showing the green light when recording, this means an intruder will know when its NOT reco…
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How do i update bixby Trying to set Bixby to my preference
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Switched phones recently - from Pixel to Pixel 3 XL - and "find my phone" won't work now... Since changing phones, when I ask Google to find my phone, it says "Your Pixel should be ringing". B…
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Google Home not Controlling Lights Whenever I ask google to turn on my lights it does an internet search instead. The voice command wor…
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Removing a ghost SmartThings account For some reason, my Google Home account has two versions of my SmartThings connection. It believes t…
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https://photos.google.com/?tab=wq&pageId=none 5 fukn months witj google saying my shit is good omg
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Visual Basic Library for interconnection between Google Home and my custom application Hi, it was given to me at Google Home mini, but I had developed a software, visual basic based, for …
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Voice Command Please change to Google, Assistant or another similarity word for all accents. Hey or Ok is uneconom…
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tunein stops playing on Home Max TuneIn plays fine, also runs all the stations, but suddenly stops mid-stream. WiFi still fine, Inter… Google Home Add User Error: 'Cant send invitation - User account cannot share structures' Trying to add a new user and the following error occurs: 'Cant send invitation - User account cannot… Are You Feelin Lucky Family Edition Not Working Ok not the most urgent of questions, but for the first year we had our Google Homes, my favorite thi…
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Broadcast not working I've had home for 4 months, two chromecasts and 2 home minis in the network. I've just upgraded from… Hi. Does Nest thermostat works with hotspot from mobile phone? Thanks I have to choose one thermostat and I want to know is Nest works by hotspot connection.
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Google Home Mini will not play music from any application I purchased a Google Home mini last night (thanks, Black Friday!), and have yet to be able to play m…
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When i try to add my smart lights on google home app i select "ready have devices" but it won't open Deleted the app and reboot google home speaker and unlinked and link it again
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Nest HUB, photo display mode, automatically show newly added photo's. I've setup the Google Nest Hub and want to display the photo's in my Google photo album. This works …
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How do I keep old scheduled temperatures from reappearing? First of all, your android app only allows you to select Google Home Speakers for the category. Seco…
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