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Updated: Today
My Google wifi keeps blinking yellow after i try to factory reset Unplug it then held the rest button for to long now is blinking yellow on my goggle wifi I try to ad…
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google nest wifi - devices loose or drop internet randomly throughout the day hi all, my devices on wireless connected to my google wifi randomly drop internet throughout the day… "unable to register for notifications for account XYZ" [I tried to find a forum for Google Wifi, but I always get directed here] When I open my Google Wifi…
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Does Nest Wifi try and troubleshoot connections automatically? Hi, Just installed 5 Nest Wifi units in our home. The internet just went out. Waited 10 minutes and …
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Can i use a second google nest wifi router as another point by connected ethernet cable to speed up? I have a Google nest wifi router set up in my office as my main router and connected to that is a sw… Device name changing randomly I have a PC on my network (running Windows 10). It’s actual name is NAS. As the name implies, it’s r…
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My nest is offline. How do I reconnect How do I reconnect to wifi
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recommended outdoor extenders for google mesh? i want to extend my wifi outdoors.
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Updated: Yesterday
Internet keeps going in and out of service. Will not connect most of the time Resetting router several times
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Mesh Puck won’t turn on at all. The other two are fine. Did the other one burn out? So the primary WiFi mesh point stopped working all together. After unplugging it, changing locations…
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Google nest Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. My Google nest has never had an issue until recently. Last week on Wednesday the Wi-Fi started going… I have a mesh google system with one router and one WiFi point. How do I divide my devices evenly? Just installed the system and everything is on one point....
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When I try to setup the Nest Wifi Router I get the error: "Request failed. Please try again later" When I try to setup my new google nest router, I get the following error "Request failed. Please try… Google Nest Mesh Wifi Point Issues This is my second replacement of the Google Mesh System. Long story short. This time I connected the…
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Recent update to Google WiFi has caused issues with the mesh and connection speeds. All the following problems started happening a few days ago (around the 16th March 2020), prior to t… Google nest wifi disconnect multiple times a day The nest wifi device automatically disconnects multiple times a day. The wifi can be connected but w…
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Google WiFi Not Working I bought my Google WiFi about one year ago and now it already started disconnecting intermittently. …
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Google Wifi DNS issues every 1 to 2 days We have noticed that devices, both hardwired and wifi, lose access to the internet. After investigat…
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Google, please add support for blocking websites Our kids need to use computers to do their homework, however they tend to spend too much time on you… Adding a second nest I’m having difficulty adding a second NEST to my existing one.
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