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Multiple Google Home devices are responding at the same time I have multiple Google Home devices. A Nest Hub, 2 Homes, and a Home mini. When I query one, ALL hom…
103 Replies
Google Home App says “Connect to your WiFi to cast” to my Home devices when connection is fine I recently got a Google Home Hub and have a Chromecast as well. Since I got it, I am having issues c… How can Google Hub be used as a 2-way intercom? Would like to respond to a broadcast My Google home hub screen is totally dark it speaks but won't show videos news or anything on the screen it's totally black and won't wake up Watch videos watch YouTube view my photos the screen won't come up it stays dark I've even rebooted … Why isn’t “Ring” displayed in the Google Product Partners List when it shows on Nest Product page? It is Clearly displayed on the Google Nest Hub Website web page that it indeed works with the “Ring”…
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Default speaker could not be set I have tried restarting my hub and my speakers multiple times, I've even tried pairing the speakers … Individual devices have audio issues when used in speaker group I set it as the Google Hub because it is the most recent addition to my Google devices, but I have s… Google Home Hub constantly loses network connection I have Google Home Hub (second one) and it constantly loses network connection to my LAN. I have an … How to setup my ezviz cameras on Google hub Cast ezviz cameras
0 Recommended Answers 65 Replies 136 Upvotes
Home hub doesn't hear me I have one google home mini in living room and home hub in bedroom. Home hub doesn't pick my ok, goo…
0 Recommended Answers 46 Replies 90 Upvotes
Google Play Movies & TV not working on Google Home. My daughter tried launching a show she bought from Google Play Movies & TV on our Google Home Hub by…
0 Recommended Answers 36 Replies 45 Upvotes
How can I create a shortcut to my homescreen on my phone for my Google Shopping List? I use my Google Home Hub to add items to my shopping list, but I would like to create a shortcut to …
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