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Why does my Google Home App crash when I try to setup my Chromecast? I have factory reset my Chromecast, reset my wifi, disconnected power to the Chromecast and plugged …
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Google Home Add User Error: 'Cant send invitation - User account cannot share structures' Trying to add a new user and the following error occurs: 'Cant send invitation - User account cannot… "Google Home can't communicate with Android tv." I purchased a Sony XBR-55X800E (Android tv) because of its advertised ability to be controlled by Go…
0 Recommended Answers 169 Replies 326 Upvotes
Tunein not working in Google home I have two speakers, Google home and home mini, and same issue, ok Google play "radio station" and s… Home speaker groups will not create. I keep trying to setup speaker groups in the Home app. These groups include Home Hubs, Homes, and Mi…
0 Recommended Answers 63 Replies 128 Upvotes
How do I make my google assistant say something on command? I am trying to get my google assistant to say something on command, so if i say something, i want my… Ikea tradfri not working after latest update. I can see the devices in Google, but they dont respond I’ve have tried to restart Google Home and Ikea gateway. Also tried to resync and link the devices. …
0 Recommended Answers 20 Replies 47 Upvotes
Is there a way to slow down speech dictation on google home I am currently using my Google Home in French and English I was just wondering is there a way to slo… Sonoff not working with google home I can link my Smart EWelink account but can’t control it with Google Home App or voice control howev…
0 Recommended Answers 3 Replies 71 Upvotes
Lg will not link cannot get LG to link to Google home for voice control. Direct connect to LG ThinQ works, though.
0 Recommended Answers 102 Replies 183 Upvotes
How can I stop seeing CNN on the Google Home? Tabloid news has replaced my calendar on the home scre Hi, on my Google Hub Home Screen, it usually shows the date, weather, and my calendar. Recently, wit…
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linking August smart lock with google home but when I go through the process it stops short Trying to link. There’s a link in my discover feed in google home so I click and it gets me to enter…
0 Recommended Answers 8 Replies 26 Upvotes
Getting Google Assistant to play my OWN Spotify playlist. I have Premium i just cant request my own Whenever I say the name of a playlist (I make sure to make the names strange because i dont want the…
0 Recommended Answers 9 Replies 7 Upvotes
Nest and Google Home merge impact on Gsuite users? Just received an email informing us of the merge between Nest and Google Home. What will the impact …
0 Recommended Answers 2 Replies 9 Upvotes
Fox News not playing For a week when I go through morning routine I hear news. First choice is fox. Currently it gets to … How do you Group lights in the Google home app? I'd like to know how to group lights as is shown in the app store screenshots How do I get the weather temperature in Celsius? I live in Italy and I am using Google Home in Italian and English. Despite my device is set to use "… Voice recognition doesn’t work. I will train my voice and then ask it to tell me my name. It usually gets it right once and then wil…
0 Recommended Answers 17 Replies 60 Upvotes
Google Home Hub only makes buzzing noise when connected to Bluetooth speakers My Google home Hub has been paired successfully to a Bluetooth speaker for months with a few minor i…
0 Recommended Answers 1 Reply 4 Upvotes
Incorrect Town for the weather reported by my Google Home speaker and mini. My Google Hub is correct I ask my Google Home Max or Mini what’s the weather today. They report on the incorrect town. My Goo…
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