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Ikea tradfri not working after latest update. I can see the devices in Google, but they dont respond I’ve have tried to restart Google Home and Ikea gateway. Also tried to resync and link the devices. …
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My nest aware was charged twice in my account I renewed all of my nest aware cmeras on july 12 using a new credit card but in july 31 it again cha…
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Why won’t google home mini give me the news? I’ve selected 2 news sources (bbc and sky) and my google home mini won’t play them when I ask for th…
0 Recommended Answers 25 Replies 31 Upvotes
Nest Camera password- protected link not working We are using the Nest Camera as a baby monitor and need to be able to share the camera link with gra…
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I bought a JBL Link 300 from Best Buy. It was an open box and when I set it up it was linked to someone else’s account and Home. I would like to reset this but it won’t seem to let me remove the original person who set it up. Please help. Remove a original user from a device.
0 Recommended Answers 13 Replies 28 Upvotes
Home Mini sounds terribly static after 1 month of use Google home mini all the sudden sounds very static when talking or playing music. Tried options goog…
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How to set a timer for the lights to turn off or on I would like to “say turn off the lights after 30 minutes” or “ turn on the lights at 6 am” but it d… My Nest App closes by itself while using it as a baby cam. I have current version of both app & IOS Continuously watch camera. App causes IOS to reboot How can I keep google home hub on my nest security cam without it going into sleep mode? I’m trying to use Nest cam and google home hub as a nursery camera. The google home hub will go into… Can't connect to my nest app in my phone after moving to google account management, missing a step? I moved my account to google account.. now i cant login to my nest app. Is there a delay with the pa… Blue circle status for Nest protect How do I fix this
0 Recommended Answers 4 Replies 1 Upvote
Is there a way to slow down speech dictation on google home I am currently using my Google Home in French and English I was just wondering is there a way to slo… Sonoff not working with google home I can link my Smart EWelink account but can’t control it with Google Home App or voice control howev…
0 Recommended Answers 3 Replies 70 Upvotes
Google Home Mini keeps on saying “to get help with that I need more information” Just set up Google Home Mini but I can’t seem to do anything worthwhile. Such as play music. It just…
0 Recommended Answers 8 Replies 25 Upvotes
The nest temp learning is not working properly and is costing me money The best thermostat learning is very stupid or is not working properly, regardless, it’s costing me …
0 Recommended Answers 2 Replies 0 Upvotes
I have no events history , only live view . For the last few months everything was fine until now. I’ve tried to switch on/off camera . Unplugged . No notifications if someone is passing by. No recor…
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Lg will not link cannot get LG to link to Google home for voice control. Direct connect to LG ThinQ works, though.
0 Recommended Answers 102 Replies 183 Upvotes
How can I stop seeing CNN on the Google Home? Tabloid news has replaced my calendar on the home scre Hi, on my Google Hub Home Screen, it usually shows the date, weather, and my calendar. Recently, wit… How many Nest Detects can you use/link to Nest Secure? I tried to purchase 15 Nest Detects on the Google store, but the limit is 10. My Nest thermostat says 2+ hours to cool my house from 79 to 78. Anyone else experiencing this? Inspected AC system and everything seems to be working fine
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