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How to set a timer for the lights to turn off or on I would like to “say turn off the lights after 30 minutes” or “ turn on the lights at 6 am” but it d… google won’t edit lists, can’t recognize my voice I’m trying to add to my grocery list and he will listen and then say he can’t edit any lists because…
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Why won't my Nest Guard stay connected to cellular? I'm currently paying for the service. I currently pay for professional monitoring and cellular back up and have had the service since Augu…
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E103 Error Two identical systems in the home. Single stage heat, 2 stage cooling. Both were functioning fine wi… How do I change my? Password Reset my password
0 Recommended Answers 3 Replies 1 Upvote
I bought a 3 pack of Nest temperature sensor and can’t connect one of them because of bad key I bought a 3 pack of Nest temperature sensor and can’t connect one of them because of bad entry key.…
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Nest guard says "cellular backup not working" but I have a Brinks account with cellular back up. restarted Nest but that didn't help
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Getting e72, followed by e102 when turning on heat. I installed a Nest this summer when I upgraded my AC to new Carrier system. During the install, I ad…
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Como vínculo mi cuenta de Cecotec Conga? Adquirió un aspirador compatible con CECOTEC CONGQ 3490 con Google Home y Alexa. Al intentar vincula… I am having an issue with my nest thermostat. It is not picking any Wi-Fi signal. My thermostat not picking up any Wi-Fi signal. I have tried to reset the network settings nothing. I…
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Why is Nest Protect pathlight not working? Brand new Nest Protect pathlight isn’t working. I’ve exchanged it and pathlight still doesn’t work. My Nest thermostat disconnected from Wifi after update My Neat thermostat disconnected from our WiFi when it updated to new software 4 days ago, and now it… Nest Protect will not connect. Keep getting error code P018. I’ve followed all the steps from support to try and remedy this but nothing works. I’ve reset the Pr…
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How to connect dual transformers / separate heating and cooling systems I have been trying to properly connect separate heating and cooling systems with dual transformers s… Nest Protect integration with anything?!?! Now we have passed the 31st August and we can no longer get IFTTT to connect / work with Nest Protec…
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New NEST Thermostat won’t connect with app. Tried all the troubleshooting tips. Acct migrated to gg Tried all trouble shooting tips. Can’t connect new NEST thermostat to app. It gives me code and says… Google Home Routines not recognizing Yonomi scene but running it anyway... When I create a routine that runs a Yonomi scene it tells me "I'm sorry Russell, I can't access
0 Recommended Answers 14 Replies 5 Upvotes
Unable to turn on alarm via nest app. Reports message “can’t set the alarm. I Unable to set nest alarm. Repeated message “it’s taking a while to connect to Nest Guard. Try again.…
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After 9 months of makingoogle home mini to make outgoing calls. I get the error "to get help with t After 9 months of making outgoing calls on the Google home mini connecting to my Google account cont…
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When is nest releasing the Heat alarm in the UK? I have looked online and would like to know when the heat alarm is being released by Nest.
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