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Updated: Yesterday
When I ask my Google about my local news it always tells me it can't help me with that I am trying to program local news. I live in North Carolina notNorth Palm Beach Florida. This is the…
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Google Home to Honeywell RTH9585 thermostat sets requested temp 6 degrees F too high. Google Home respond the correct current temp of my Honeywell RTH9585 but it sets the temp 6 degrees …
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Trouble connecting C by GE C-life bulbs I have tried to add my C by GE smart lights to my bedroom without success. I was on customer chat wi…
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Can the google nest hub display all nest security camera live feed at the same time on the screen? I have the google nest hub display and about to purchase the nest dusplay max. Wanting to know if i …
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Issues playing to speaker group with bluetooth output I'm attempting to use a speaker group which, incidentally, seems to be a bit of a flakey feature in …
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Setting for gentle wake up for philips hue and google home I have been using the Gentle wake up with my alarm the past week. I love it. However I was wondering…
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Has anyone had the home hub alarm stop button disappear? A few days ago the Alarms I have set up to go off each morning no longer come up to the screen with … Google Home Max drops WiFi connection My Google Home Max repeatedly drops WiFi connection. Unplug and plug it back in - connects fine for …
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Smartlife App - all devices offline I've been using teckin smart plugs with the smart life app through our smart home devices for the pa…
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All our Google home devices don't switch on our lights (TP link Kasa). Google only switch them off. We have removed our TP link account and joined again, we have also reset all our devices but no thin…
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I can not link my NetHome Plus account Hello Community, I can not link my NetHome Plus account, and I had it previously linked but I was un… Did anyone set up Nest alarms with external strobes to meet Ontario building code requirement, Did anyone set up Nest alarms with external strobes to meet Ontario building code requirement, appar…
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Can't use voice command on Google home to turn on/off Tp-link kasa devices. I have a strange issue where i can't turn on/off tp link kasa devices using voice command on Google …
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