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Updated: Today
Recent update to Google WiFi has caused issues with the mesh and connection speeds. All the following problems started happening a few days ago (around the 16th March 2020), prior to t…
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Nest WiFi - Slow wired gigabit ethernet When I replaced my Google WiFi with a Nest WiFi, I immediately began to run network tests to ensure … How do i set up my nest egg Linked to my phone
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Double NAT with Google Wifi and AT&T BGW210 Router - Packet dropping and lost connections Hi all! I can't find a fix for the double NAT issue for my 3-puck Google Wifi system. I have a BGW21…
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How do you change a nest router point (2 router pucks connected) to being the primary router? Hi. I have installed 2x Google nest Wi-Fi router pucks (puck A and C) and a Google nest Wi-Fi point …
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Hola , tengo problemas para conectar mi home de Xiaomi con Google Home , por error se borró la cuent La cuenta d mi casa xiaomi ha desaparecidodesaparecdesaparecidodesdesaparecidodesapa
0 Recommended Answers 20 Replies 16 Upvotes
Google, please add support for blocking websites Our kids need to use computers to do their homework, however they tend to spend too much time on you… How do I get wifi to my DISH Hopper 3 using an ethernet cable since my port is going to my computer? I am trying to connect my DISH hopper 3 to my wifi, went thru every way possible but it will not con…
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Is there a Browser based access available to the Google Wifi device? Gain access to Google Wifi Device using Browser Как мне через андройд телефон подключить гугл вайфай Скачал приложение и пытаюсь настроить
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Updated: Yesterday
Why won't my nest connect to wifi I have reset all modems and wifi. I have factory reset nest. I have reinstalled nest app. Battery le…
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Problems with coverage using 2 Google Nest Wifi's points Hi... I have a 2,400 square ft 2-story home. I am using two of the new Nest Wifi points in the house…
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Who sells a replacement power cord for a nest point. I have been searching for days I need a new power cord for a google nest point, google won't sell me one, and I cant locate one on …
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How do I set up my LG smart TV Trying to find out the temperature in Valley Nebraska going to Council Bluffs Iowa
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Google wifi priority device feature is not working..... I have 300/300 verizon fios and its always very fast. All my speed tests clock in at over 300/300. I…
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Google Wifi dropping internet constantly after switching to new Xfinity modem I have a new X1 Xfinity modem (Arris TG3482G) model with faster data rates and now my Google wifi dr…
0 Recommended Answers 9 Replies 2 Upvotes
Can you crest a mesh network with wired and non-wired google pucks? (3 wire 3 non wired) I have six google wifi units. I can wire 3 via Ethernet cable and 3 of them I can’t given limitation…
0 Recommended Answers 0 Replies 1 Upvote
Wifi Point not connecting to mesh network — ‘unexpected error message’ after many attempts over week i got a new router so i had to restart/re-setup google wifi mesh. i am able to connect 2 points but …
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Replacement power cord for nest wifi point My daughters rabbit chewed through our nest wifi point power cord and it no longer works. Looking to…
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Best way to upgrade my home WiFi network? A moment ago Add bookmark #1 Hello, first post here. With the virus shutting things down my wife and…
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