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My new nest e has been installed for 3 hours and has low battery (won’t connect to wifi) normal? Just installed a new nest e, works fine manually, but won’t connect to WiFi or my app because of low…
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12371.71.11 firmware cause constant reboot of NEST router? Even since 12371.71.11 update, I keep getting connection drop. When it happened, I can see that the …
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Hola , tengo problemas para conectar mi home de Xiaomi con Google Home , por error se borró la cuent La cuenta d mi casa xiaomi ha desaparecidodesaparecdesaparecidodesdesaparecidodesapa
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Google WiFi doesn’t reconnect to internet after a power outage A couple times in the last week the power has gone out in the house, and Google WiFi hasn’t been abl… how to remove a Google Wifi point? I bought Google Wifi back then and I have 3 points. One primary and 2 secondary. I want to test some…
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google wifi app says offline but network and wifi is working fine My google wifi app suddenly shows my network as offline, when in fact it is online and working fine.… Nest Thermostat suddenly disconnected from WIFI and now won't find any Wifi networks? Help!? I have tried resetting the Wifi network, checked the battery level is at least 3.8v, resetting the N… How do i keep my videos privet Bored
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Voip phone I am using a voip phone plugged in to the lan spot of the google router. I can make outgoing calls b…
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شبکه نقاط شبکه
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Can't rename Wifi point? The Google Home app and the Google Wifi app don't seem to show the same info. I set the name of my s…
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Port Forwarding Issue-Static IP Configuration I recently set up a brand new Google Nest Wifi router with two points at my office. We have Comcast …
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How do I connect printers to Google WiFi Tried to connect to Google WiFi from printer but not successful tesla 3 does not connect My Tesla3 does not find the google wifi network. The access point is within 15' of the car and it do… The actual speed with Google Wifi? I am bit doubtful about the speed that is shown in the Google Wifi app... I have Telia Fiber with 25…
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Google Hub uses too much bandwidth Hi! Recently I noticed lantency between the command and the action, for example, I day "Hey google t…
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Google Wifi Networking Issue (!!!!!! NOT NEST WIFI !!!!!!) I need to connect my Google Wifi system to my already existing home LAN so that the Wifi is on the s… Nest mini connects to router but not internet Using the Google home app on an android phone, the nest mini connects to the router, but then it say…
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Google wifi network hack Got called by Google security from Mountainview, CA, that my Google wifi netwrok has been hacked by … Special functionality for connected devices in Google Wifi app? The far right icon on the Google Wifi app shows my guest network, you're where given the option to s…
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