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I dont see any connected devices.. even though i have 8 devices connected to my network. Mine is a very basic setup. Nest router is connected to modem and three access points are added to t…
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Am I able to connect a Google WiFi Router with a Nest WiFi Router? Thank you. Am I able to connect a Google WiFi Router with a Nest WiFi Router? Thank you. Centralized nas can’t connect through any other than main google Wifi hub. I have a nas drive with movies on it connected via a network switch to my primary hub and when my pl… Voip phone I am using a voip phone plugged in to the lan spot of the google router. I can make outgoing calls b…
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My Google WiFi mesh network loses connection to internet daily. For the last few weeks, my google WiFi mesh network drops connection to the internet at least once a… Can the main puck reconnect after an outage? Every time I lose internet (I'll admit its quite often given where I live), I get the "red ring of f… What is a good modem to use with Google WiFi? We want to purchase one vs rent one with Xfinity. Replace modem ever since getting 10452.90.12, we are getting constant drops and and not able to connect issues??? factory reset. this is on all connections around the house...not just iOS.
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Local network regularly dropping out, resolves if I unplug Google Wifi #2 I posted in what i think was a relevant thread in the old support forum: - https://productforums.goo…
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How do i register my nest thermostat? How do I register my nest thermostat
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I have the problem of my new Google home constantly dropping off wi-fi for hours/days at a time. Everything...disconnecting, both assistant and router, Factory re-set, added wifi extender etc. Some…
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