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Updated: Yesterday
Turn off Eco temperatures I want to turn off the Eco, permanently. I have The E Thermostat. Under Setting, with in this Thermo…
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How do I opt out of the Nest Seasonal Savings? I want to control my thermostat. I do not want the automated seasonal savings. How do I opt out?
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I'm unable to connect Nest E to Nest app. I've reset router, reloaded app, etc. I've reset router, disabled firewalls, reloaded app, restarted thermostat. If I use the entry key (s… Nest shows cooling all day, fan/ac running, but just gets hotter, then goes into Eco mode. Why? Had HVAC come out, states everything is working as it should. Nest is set to 74* and creeps up to 77…
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W5 error problem, have tried all the troubleshooting suggestions but nothing works. Please help I've reset nest and reset router. Have gone through all troubleshooting suggestions. How do I un-enroll from Nest Rush Hour Rewards program via Leap Energy? I can't figure out how to un-enroll from Nest Rush Hour Rewards program that I signed up for via Lea… If orange wire goes to *OB for Heat Pump, what wire goes to W1 in Google Nest E I found out we have a heat pump; so as explained by google nest E instructions, I plan to connect th…
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2nd Learning Thermostat was unable to connect to network. (the solution for my situation included) When you get two of these, the first one installed asks as a network bridge to the 2nd (it relays th…
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My nest thermostat is not charging when it is on the base. What can I do so that it charges? I been reading comments on a post about the same issue that has now been locked, and I have tried th… How do I turn off seasonal savings? Seasonal savings was turned on without my knowledge or consent. When I try to turn it off, there is …
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Google Assistant routine with Nest stopped working I have two routines through Google Assistant: one to turn the nest to eco mode every morning and ano…
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How do i get help with my W5 error after I've completed every troubleshooting step several times? I've attempted every troubleshooting technique several times to connect to wifi with my nest pro lea…
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after migrating my nest account to google I can’t control my thermostat through my VIVINT app. ugh I’ve added my google account to my VIVINT app. My NEST thermostat loads on the VIVINT app but can’t …
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Need a return label for old thermostat for case 61504472, Donald Walton I need a return mailing label for old thermostat case 61504472, Donald Walton.
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Nest Thermostat 3rd Gen Displaying Wrong Time Zone I just installed a new Nest Learning Thermostat in my hallway, and it keeps displaying the wrong tim…
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No option to change "What decides you're home" Following the steps shown on the support page, which I cannot find now, it indicates there is a "Wha…
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