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Updated: Yesterday
Any advice on how to make my hvac system compatible with nest thermostat? I have 7 wire. Followed steps but app says its incompatible.
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How do I wire Nest 2020 How do I wire the Nest 2020?
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So Nest do an update last night and now my thermostat is permanently 'off line', whats going on?? Thermostat was working perfectly until the Nest update last night and now it is permanently 'off lin…
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Nest configuration with wood boiler and gas furnace Hi. I'd like to hook up a nest 3rd gen device to control both a wood boiler and a gas furnace. Is th…
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I need to reset PIN on Nest thermostat. I am representing a seller of a home. This was a rental and he does not have the PIN to unlock Nest.…
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Help! How do you get Google to actually respond to Nest issues??? ent/return process... You guessed it, no email... What do I have to do to get Google Nest to resolve…
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How do I lock (or require a pin) on new Nest thermostat that requires me to use the Google Home ap? I could add a pin to my old Nest thermostat in the nest app, but I bought a new Google Nest Thermost…
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Is there a way to save and store a NEST day schedule ? I work shifts, is there a way I can label & store 3 different shedule patterns so that I can just co…
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Thermostat Compatibility I'm trying to figure out if I can change my current thermostat to a Google one. I put everything int…
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My Nest says it’s heating but the furnace won’t come on My Nest says it’s heating, but the furnace will not come on. The furnace and nest have been together…
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W5 error problem, have tried all the troubleshooting suggestions but nothing works. Please help I've reset nest and reset router. Have gone through all troubleshooting suggestions. W5 wifi connection error I have been trying to get a replacement for two months with no luck. After 1hr troubleshooting for t… How do I change the battery Thermostat is completely off since yesterday. Complain about Nest support interaction, help & reply I want to escalate my issue as i've already talked to a manager on the chat and still nothing has be…
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I returned a Nest Thermostat for a w5 error for 2 months, no news since. Several calls to Google Support, no news except: "we call you back" ... without for sure. No mail, n… I need to reset my Nest thermostat How do I Factory Reset my Nest
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Nest thermostat 2nd generation compatibility I'm moving to a new house and I wanted to know if I could install my Nest Thermostat 2nd generation …
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