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Google play store instamollagion I want to installation Google play store And it will help me for many things.
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Google home groups not working with Bluetooth speakers. I have set up my google home, I have 4 google home minis, and 2 good speaker sets that are bluetooth…
0 Recommended Answers 14 Replies 31 Upvotes
Sleep Timers in Routine Not Working For months now, my sleep timer request that is part of a routine (that has worked fine previously) n…
0 Recommended Answers 3 Replies 1 Upvote
Nest mini 2nd gen stereo pair connection issue I have two brand new 2nd gen nest minis that I bought so I could make a stereo pair. Both are set up… Why is Google Play terminating, my blind mother used Google Home to play her playlist from it? I was really impressed with the Google Play Music and Google Home integration, because of it we were…
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Google home will not play Pandora I have Google Home linked to my Pandora account. When I ask for a Pandora station, it announces the … I just got a Google Nest but it keeps telling me to enable web and app activity, which I've done. As above. My Google nest won't play anything, keeps saying to turn on web and app activity, which I'…
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Nest Mini keeps unlinking. I have 3 Google mini speakers throughout the house at the moment and was looking to add to the colle…
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This You tube channel isn't allowed my YouTube channel suspended My YouTube channel show the this action isn't allowed My copyright content 25 Strike no My gmail acc…
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Google Home devices are not alerting when Nest Doorbell rings!!! I want an executive I tried everything and spoke to 3 agents. 2 from Nest and 1 from Google department. Nothing is worki… Google Home Speaker Stops Responding After A Couple Of Hours. The light on the back turns orange After rebooting by disconnecting power supply for 1 minute and plugging it in again my Google home w…
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Google mini doesnt work It doesnt work even when I say ok google i bought not even 2 days ago
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Nest mini cannot find podcasts. When I ask my nest mini to play a podcast THAT IS PREVIOUS TO THE NEWEST EPISODE, it tells me that t…
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I bought a used google nest hub max, the seller states he has unlinked it from his google home, i ha I have factory rest the device 5 different times. Each time it allows me to go through select the lo…
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My speaker groups are not working My speaker groups are not working when I ask Google to play music. It will say playing music on the … "Something went wrong - try again in a few seconds" "Hey Google: STOP SUCKING!" I have five Google Home devices in my house. In the past week or so they…
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I have problems with my google home mini. Hello. Last year I bought a Google Home mini that won't connect to my phone. I have already checked …
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Google Nest Mini's are disconnecting from network every couple of minutes I have a google Nest Wifi (recent addition) and 4x Nest Mini's (2nd gen) (recent additions) and 2x G… Shuffle and sleep timer does not work together I want to have a routine that will play a playlist on shuffle and stop playing after an amount of ti…
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Connect iPhone 11 to google home Connect iPhone to google home
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