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BBC Radio 1 not playing on Google home mini Sorry i know this has been spoken about before with other stations, but i currently can't play BBC r… "How do I translate many sentences versus 1-2 words?" I need to translate a long voicemail, can't seem to break it up when Google Home Assistant tone "bee…
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My nest mini no longer controls any of my smart devices. it says “you need to give me more info” I have tried removing and re adding the home mini to my profile. i have tried re booting it. i have …
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My google home mini wont respond and won’t reset - Green Light and 4 solid My google home mini has 4 solid lights on. It doesn’t react to anything. No device found in my googl… No longer able to cast to Vizio Chromecast enabled TV I have 3 Google Home Minis and 2 Vizio Chromecast enabled TVs. I've been using them all for some tim… Google Home Max in Paired Mode Question. This isn't so much an issue as it is a question. I have a Google Home Max and as I was considering i…
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How to get my Spotify music to play on Google Home Mini I have setup my Google Home Mini and connected my Premium Spotify account. However, whenever I say "…
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My google home routines are playing 3 hours earlier than what was intended. Issues with automated routines playing earlier than anticipated with Google Home
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Google Home Mini Latest Firmware Breaks Google Duo Call Feature Previously, I already had my Google Home Mini setup with Duo calling. It works fine with the previou…
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LBC won't play on Home speakers For years I have listened to LBC through my home speakers simply saying "Ok google, play LBC", in fa…
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How do you add another voice How do I add another voice to control Google speaker
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SiriusXM Won't Link I am attempting to link my SiriusXM account to the google home app so I can stream onto my Google Hu…
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can not acces services in home app i can not acces the music, more settings, tv and video and other services in the home app. i get the… Google Home App - Phone Number unlisted. No option to change number?! Making calls over google mini speakers. My phone number was coming up as Private when I called my br… How to delete things that my Google assistant remembers? I have tried to delete the 3 things that my Google assistant remembers. I could only delete the one … When I ask Google to play a relaxing sound, she says an error occured, then plays it I've tried rebooting, factory resetting, and someone suggested updating my Google Maps info which I … Anytime it runs a routine to control any of outlets or light systems it says something went wrong Tried resetting but nothing works, anytime you give a command or controlling lights like “turn every…
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I cannot press "More settings" in my Google home app When I open my google home and press "More settings" under "Google asssistent", I then get a message…
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Google Home No Longer Sees Wink I've had Wink connected to my Google Home for some time now (3 devices total, include a Home, Home H…
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Adding a different google mini Connecting new Google mini
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