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Can sensors trigger fan to come on to automatically equalize rooms when temperatures vary My house has two Nest thermostats and 6 sensors. It would be excellent if the system could detect wh…
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Google Home App says “Connect to your WiFi to cast” to my Home devices when connection is fine I recently got a Google Home Hub and have a Chromecast as well. Since I got it, I am having issues c… Google Home has become very slow to respond and doesn't hear my wake word. Google Home has become progressively slower and I need to repeat the wake word three or four times t… Can I remove the profanity filter on my google home? It currently bleeps instead of saying "shit". I am trying to remove the profanity filter on my google home mini. I would like my google home to be… Google Home Mini keeps on saying “to get help with that I need more information” Just set up Google Home Mini but I can’t seem to do anything worthwhile. Such as play music. It just… how to delete google home mini speaker from my google home app I took my google home mini to a friends house and connected it to his wifi. When I brought it back h…
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My Google home Mini starts playing music by itself then underactivity it doesn't give me any answers I disconnect it from Chromecast and every night it reconnects itself playing songs from YouTube musi… Nest Outdoor Cam stopped sending Motion notifications Over the last several days my Nest outdoor camera has stopped sending any notifications (push or ema…
0 Recommended Answers 119 Replies 120 Upvotes
My Nest x Yale Lock keeps going offline. Not sure how to fix the issue. My Nest x Yale lock keeps going offline, and I am unable to connect to it in the app. I have tried r…
0 Recommended Answers 66 Replies 60 Upvotes
my google home mini will not work. when its plugged in, the mini has a light that is typically on as it powers up. the light wont come on, and it wont reply to me. also cant find it on my google home app. i am trying to get my mini to work. it won’t reply to me or power on, nor will it connect on google … Device setting keeps showing: "Some settings are unavailable right now" I've reset both devices several times, disconnect and reconnect the Wifi, nothing seems to be workin…
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