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TP LINK KASA Smart WI FI SLIM PLUG will not respond to Voice Command on Google Home I installed the TP LInk Kasa App. I named it CORNER LAMP and assigned it to my WI FI connection. It … Can’t connect Samsung smartthings to google home. “Account linking failed” Trying to link smartthings with google home. After entering Samsung credentials get error stating ac…
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How do you Group lights in the Google home app? I'd like to know how to group lights as is shown in the app store screenshots Mini frozen My new Google home mini is "frozen". When I turn it on, two white lights stay on constantly for appr…
0 Recommended Answers 6 Replies 14 Upvotes
Sonoff not working with google home I can link my Smart EWelink account but can’t control it with Google Home App or voice control howev…
0 Recommended Answers 5 Replies 74 Upvotes
Broadcast not working I've had home for 4 months, two chromecasts and 2 home minis in the network. I've just upgraded from… Mi home not linking to google assistant or home I have tried to connect mi home to Google Assistant and Google home app but so far no luck!
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Trouble connecting C by GE C-life bulbs I have tried to add my C by GE smart lights to my bedroom without success. I was on customer chat wi…
Updated: Yesterday
Sengled element bulbs not responding I have had my Sengled Element bulbs set up for a while and they had been working fine. Sometime last…
0 Recommended Answers 7 Replies 13 Upvotes
Is there a way to collapse or rearrange rooms? Hello. Within Google Home app I have several rooms defined with plenty of devices inside. It is very…
0 Recommended Answers 4 Replies 11 Upvotes
Let's talk about Home Automation! Hey everyone, When I scroll through different communities, I notice how popular the Home Automation …
I can't select the "Have something already set up?" option I have set up two CE Smart plugs, and was trying to connect them to Google Home. The "Have something…
0 Recommended Answers 26 Replies 52 Upvotes
Smart Life App and Google Home I bought a chronothermostat (BHT6000-GC) that works with Tuya Apps. I choose Smart Life to connect t…
0 Recommended Answers 13 Replies 60 Upvotes
Moes House thermostat controls are not available Hi everybody! I have a Moes House wifi connected thermostat which is connected to Google home throug…
0 Recommended Answers 5 Replies 25 Upvotes
Lg will not link cannot get LG to link to Google home for voice control. Direct connect to LG ThinQ works, though. Can't reconnect Google Home to Honeywell Evohome Total Connect Comfort Intl Over the last six months I've succesfully used my Honeywell Evohome in Google Home. All thermostats … is there a known problem with tplink and google home - mine constantly says unable to access i have 3 tp link devices in my house and i used alexa - i recently switched to the home hub - now it… Can the Ring Video Doorbell Work with Google Home Hub or Google Home ? I also have Nest Devices that Work Great . I would like to Have Ring show up on my Cheomcasts . I would like the Ring Video Stream to Work with my Google Home's . I currently have 2 Minis a Home a… Philips hue wont link with google I had my Philips hue hub linked to Google home then added lights. The new lights didn't show on Goog… Google Home Hub says “Camera’s Feed Is Not Available” when selecting Nest Cameras. When I ask the Google Home Hub to display any Nest Cams it comes up with a grey screen saying “Camer…
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