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Google home hub voice control saying device not setup yet when I can control device from the app I have three idevices outlets that control lamps set up in my google home app. I can control them fr… It keeps saying there was a glitch or that something went wrong. I've tried restarting it. And also in the google home app my google home mini doesn't appear in the devices bit. I've tried unplugging it but I can't remember boot it because it doesn't appear on the devices page … Please send link to app for Windows 10 Computer to install Google Home Mini I am trying to connect my google home mini to my windows 10 computer to use like an Alexa and a spea…
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Como vínculo mi cuenta de Cecotec Conga? Adquirió un aspirador compatible con CECOTEC CONGQ 3490 con Google Home y Alexa. Al intentar vincula… How can Google Hub be used as a 2-way intercom? Would like to respond to a broadcast Why isn’t “Ring” displayed in the Google Product Partners List when it shows on Nest Product page? It is Clearly displayed on the Google Nest Hub Website web page that it indeed works with the “Ring”…
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Trouble connecting C by GE C-life bulbs I have tried to add my C by GE smart lights to my bedroom without success. I was on customer chat wi…
0 Recommended Answers 212 Replies 324 Upvotes
Unable to link 3rd party services I recently added a new device to Home assistant that I wanted to be able to control through Google H…
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Unable to turn off Sony TV remotely using Google Home Hi, I have a Sony X850C television and everything works perfectly apart from being able to turn the … My nest doorbell suddenly stopped sending me alerts. The settings have not changed. My settings have not changed. My settings are set to push notifications...always...notify of people … How do I make sure my soundbar is unmuted after Google Home stops listening? A recent update to my TV (Sony XBR-800) has allowed me to control the Chromecast built-in with my Go… Sony TV Chromecast can't join the speaker group in Google Home. I have a Google Home ecosystem. I have a home group that connects all my Google home devices plus a …
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